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Is it possible to have a webinar without a sales-pitch?

Here you are, all excited by the ad that sold you the next greatest thing in your life : a webinar! Not any webinar! But the ONE that will solve all your problems.

During the next hour or so you will learn all the secrets to become a millionaire, to sell to anyone, to get the latest private jet and even more!

But first you have to go through the killer webinar. The one that always sells! The one with the killer closing rate! The one that will get you from being clueless to become the best.

That webinar will follow the ideal webinar structure, as created by a very smart guy, Russell Brunson and exposed in his books. Well the problem is that when Russel does it, it’s great. When thousands of marketers do it .. it becomes a bloody pain!

I mean, even when the webinar starts, you and I have seen that structure so many times, that after two minutes we already back on facebook, insta or even tinder! Wanting for the guy to end his :

  • why you should listen
  • I was like you
  • I made it
  • here are my secrets
  • well not all
  • this is what they are worth
  • this is the super offer I am giving you
  • these are the bonuses
  • you need to get it now
  • click to buy
  • only a few left
  • the free trip-wire because you listened to the end

Does this ring a bell? Yes? Of course! You attended these!

Now, you are for sure thinking, “hey Thomas, why do you complain! I’ve seen you do the same! You even have some webinars like that! like this one HERE<<

And, YES! I am guilty!

And YES I am tired of it! I can’t listen to these bloody boring, copy-paste webinars anymore! Why should you listen to me doing that same thing??

Does it mean I have stopped making free webinars? Not at all, because I think it’s important to share! Which by the way is part of Ethical Persuasion.

But why should a webinar be a sales-pitch?

This is why I have launched the FREEWINARNOSO!

The free webinar where nothing is sold!

And here you go with the very first one : CLICK HERE

You will learn something and get a free gift, two gifts in-fact at the end!!

Try it and tell me if you like it!

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