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Born 100.000 years ago your brain is a direct evolution of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens one ... Well when we say "evolution" we should say "non-evolution" ! And this is what drives all your brain's crazy cognitive biases impacting your decisions, those of your clients' and of your relationships.

Still, your brain is your best friend, learn how to use it for better persuasion!

Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Happy Brains' founder, Neuro Couple's creator and author.

Thomas has a real passion for people and their brains, a bit like a zombie. Driven by people's smile he enjoys life with his family, pets, horses and friends. He speaks fluently English, French and German.

He started his career as a Computer engineer and wrote his Ph.D. thesis working and improving an Artificial Neural Networks model. After a while he moved towards the "dark side", towards marketing and sales, willing to be closer to the decision maker: the client. He worked for major companies like HP, Bosch, AOL, Steelcase as well as smaller ones before founding his first company. His scientific as well as marketing, sales and strategy knowledge  allowed him to get certified as a Neuro Marketing instructor with SalesBrain.

The more he read, studied about the decision processes in the human brain the more he noticed the differences between the male and female brains. After two years of data collection and compilation Thomas launched the Neuro Couple concept and published his first book: "Is there a Brain in Your couple?" 

The driving force behind efficient marketing, sales, strategy and relationships being Persuasion, Thomas is now leading the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques.

Christophe Pigato

Christophe has over 25 years of professional experience within Marketing & Communication, Leadership & Management. Executive Coaching and Management Development expertise for client organisations involved in various business areas (amongst which Retail, Equipement, Services, and mostly Luxury, since 1997).  

He has been for the past 21 years  the founder and CEO of Human Asset S.A., a Geneva-based management consulting firm, initially dedicated to Executive Search worldwide and since 2005 to Executive Coaching in Change management, Marketing and Communication, specialised with Emotional Intelligence and Neuromarketing. Delivers Neuromarketing and Story telling seminars to various corporate and sales audiences in various industries amongst which Luxury. 

Christophe is also a Certified CAPP Expert since 1998, and delivers Professional Personal Profile Assessement


Locally, Christophe is a Guest professor at HEG’s Master of Luxury Management in Geneva and has also been a Guest professor at HEC Geneva during several years.

Christophe has a Marketing and Communication background and expertise in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management  as he owns a MBA in that area (European Institute of Purchasing & Logistics Management). Christophe is also a former Salesbrain business partner.

Christina Hoffmann

Christina founded Brandmind in Switzerland, a Consultancy Agency spezialised in applied Neuroscience.

Her passion are people and their emotional interaction. After her studies in Economics, Christina started her career in Marketing until she managed different Marketing departments at Zurich Insurance and localsearch (part of Swisscom).

Having studied psychology Christina got an in-depth expertise in Emotions and their neural functionalities. All her knowledge came together and Christina found a new meaning in her work with Neuromarketing and Persuasion.

Apart from that, Christina is an artist - she loves painting and playing piano. Her paintings can be seen in different galleries in Switzerland.  

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