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Your media and their impact on the brain

Do you have any idea how your media (ads, webpage, brochure, video etc…) impact the decision maker in the brain?

The brain makes all its decisions with the primal brain which is using the visual channel as its first and most important information gathering device.

All your media that are designed to drive a decision should trigger this decision maker. But how can you know that it works?

Marketing people got, at one stage, ballistic about eye tracking. You know? That technique used to see if after a while the eyes will look at the big yellow “Buy here” button!

Well, guys, the button is BIG, YELLOW and screams look at me! Of course the eyes will see it and look at it! That doesn’t prove at all that you have an impact on the decision maker!

Thanks to the latest research and expertise we have acquired over the past 10 years you can now benefit from the latest tools to analyse the impact your media has on the brain. It has nothing to do with classic eye tracking!

Here is a an example of the impact this Neuro Couple page has on the brain.

In red what has the highest impact and in green what has the lowest.

This page has been designed and improved with this technique to make sure the brain will notice the human face and the free ebook.

You too can get this type of analysis done for you to make sure you don’t overload the brain and get the right decision.


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