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Why your Facebook ads don’t work

Why aren’t your Facebook ads working?

What would you do differently if time and money wasn’t an issue? :Would you quit your job :Where would you live :Where would you travel The world is changinging Retail stores are closing (Macy’s,Sears,Kmart and toys are us) But the internet is booming. Amazon just became a 22 million dollar company and they dont even have a store.

As you are reading this it means that you are part of the smart ones who know that making money from home is the solution. But how can you do that? You can either do affiliate marketing, an arrangement were a online retailer pays you commission for advertising that generates sales. Or you can have your own products, just like me. So what do you do to get people to buy from you?

You place Ads on Facebook . That doesn’t sound to hard RIGHT! All you need is a computer,tablet or a cell phone some common sense, a couple of hours a day and a little hustle. And then you discover that you can have agreat understanding on how Facebook ads run, how to target, how to define your budget etc… but you are still struggling to get the right copy or content.
And here comes one more Guru and tells you to do A/B testing … which implies even more copy, content etc… and all this testing requires even more budget!!

Now you might be thinking “What if I don’t have much time, money, have a full time job?”. All it takes is a few hours to make an ad campaign ! A few HOURS!!! that’s crazy! And you aren’t even sure it will work!!! And then you’ll say “Yeah, but you have to pay to advertise,I dont have much money.” Who does? But if you have $5 you can run ads, or so they say! Wrong!! Wrong and wrong! You need $5 PER DAY as a minimal budget and Facebook Ads requires days of running to start “finetuning” the audience. Which means that they burn your budget with “low level” targetting first!! .

They just want you to advertise. So since you are smart why not use the content that works? The best selling ads have been tested and tested and tested again by people who have A budget! A huge one … why not piggyback on their results and build your ads using the best possible content?Sounds good? But how can you find these ads …

Write “tell me” in the comments section and I will tell you the 3 steps secret I am using!

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