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Who do you dream to work with?

That may sound as a strange question as most of the time one goes for a company, a job description or even a manager. But rarely do people think about who they dream to work with.

Of course, when you join a company you don’t really have the choice as the team is often already in place. But some times you are the one who grows the team.

On the other hand as an entrepreneur you have the full freedom to decide with you you will work. And that is an exceptional privilege.

Unfortunately many don’t use it and prefer to run after everyone.

Especially the 60% of the niche you are in who don’t care and will never care about you and your business or products.

But there are the “low hanging” fruits out there! They represent 2% of your market and need you now!

So, on one hand you have the great leads to work with and on the other the mass of “pain in the a…” leads.

Who do you prefer to work with? The easy ones or the painful ones?

Let me guess, considering that becoming, being, staying an entrepreneur is a proof of masochism you may want to run after the 60%, hell yes! And that is a BIG part of the pie.

But as you are an entrepreneur you are also very smart! and get the point that 2% easy-cheesy is much better!

Oh, and to add to the thinking you have 70% chances to sell to some who likes you, knows you, trusts you vs. 5% to someone who doesn’t care.

Is it a deal? Yes! The 2% it is. But who are they? As a rational being you will say “the ones who will buy my product”. Yeah sure smart a…!

But no!

You want your life to be easy? Then before defining the product or service you want to bring on the market you should define who you want to work with.

Maybe you prefer very rich people with an attitude, or retired smiling people, or millennials or …. you get the point!

For example I want to work with ultra motivated managers and entrepreneurs, who are eager to learn and act and have a good sense of humour.

And you? Who do you want to work with?

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