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What is the decision process in the brain?

We, super evolved humans and dominant species on this planet, have been thinking for ages that, thanks to our huge Neocortex, we are the most rational beings when it comes to decision making.

This is why all of your Marketing, Sales and persuasion pitches and even your private life persuasion attempts are based on the rational thinking. You, for sure, enjoy talking about your products/services/solutions, are ecstatic when it comes to list all the features and get high when you can talk about your company’s objectives, strategies etc. Not even mentioning when you can talk about yourself.

The bad news is that it has been scientifically proven, without any reasonable doubt, that the decision maker is the PRIMAL BRAIN (triune brain model by MacLean in the 1960s) or System one (Kahneman, 2011).

As such, the decision process in the brain isn’t Top-down (making a rational decision and then acting) but a bottom-up process (primal decision followed by the rationalization of the decision).

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