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The Visual Impact Analysis

This extremely powerful tool will tell you precisely how your media is impacting the brain of your audience during the persuasion process. Your analysis is made of:

- A Heatmap showing you with a simple colour code which part of the media has the highest impact of the brain. The more focused the better.

- An Opacity picture showing you only the parts having an impact. Don't get over excited if your whole page is still there! The brain hates to decide. You should make things simple.

- A Gazeplot showing you where the eyes will go and for how long in the first seconds. This isn't an eye tracking! The more complex the gazeplot, the less efficient the persuasion.

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What are the next steps ?

  • Make sure to white list (click here to learn how) my email address thomas at happy-brains . com to make sure you won't miss my next information and result emails.
  • Make a screen capture or picture of your media with a resolution of at least 1200px x 600 px. If you want your homepage to be analysed just send me the URL.
  • Send this picture per dropbox, retransfer etc... to my email (see first item of the list)
  • Sit back and relax, your analysis will reach you in the next 48 hours (outside of the week-ends of course!)

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