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The worst pitfall for a male entrepreneur!

Nowadays it’s all about gender equality, gender respect, gender this and that!

And I fully agree that women and men should have the same opportunities at having fun in life, at growing their knowledge, their career etc …

Even though I have a lot of respect for women I’d like to focus on men!

And, more precisely, on a very special breed of men!

The Male Entrepreneurs in a Couple Relationship!

Because guys, I love you , I respect you and I believe in you!

Why? Because I am a male entrepreneur in a couple relationship for years now and know how difficult, how complex, how stressful this is!

On one hand you know that your business, your entrepreneurship is all about you working hard to succeed!

On the other hand you also know that you have to protect your couple by being the partner your wife, gf, date loves so much. And that partner isn’t the entrepreneur … it’s you!

Sure thing, you can be you and an entrepreneur as very often these two are the same guy. You are an entrepreneur because this is embedded deep inside of you.

Unfortunately the more you work to get, or grow, results the less she seems to be happy! And, if you are honest, there is a chance that the less she is happy the less you have fun being an entrepreneur and finding success.

And that’s the most dangerous pitfall for all male entrepreneurs! Your couple!

You may have already heard that saying that goes “behind every strong man there is a strong woman”. Well, for entrepreneurs it goes slightly differently:

Behind every successful entrepreneur there is a successful couple!

The pitfall you are facing or will face is made of two parameters:

  • Communication
  • Financials

These are the key to survive your couple relationship as a male entrepreneur. You have to handle these parameters and optimise them if you want to have any chance of success.

Communication means that you understand how she communicates. P-Yes! Of course! you know how she does, don’t you? Honestly? Of course you don’t!

Because male and female brains communicate at very different levels! When you weren’t into entrepreneurship you may not have noticed as life was a bit easier (maybe). But now every tiny bit of possible stress bites you back in the bu…

Women and men don’t use words the same way and don’t communicate for the same reasons.

Want to have a great level of communication with her? Communicate like her!

YEs, that’s the point! She should not adapt to you! You should apt to her!

As if you weren’t that busy already!

And you are busy! Because you have to make things tangible for her! You need real, hard factual, financial results!

Her brain won’t accept your long plans anymore, she is in survival mode, and this is managed by the primal brain which has no clue about long term planning!

You have to help her primal brain (the decision maker in the human brain is called the primal brain, this is not a sexist note) to feel safe.

The solution? Get more recurring clients! Learn Ethical persuasion!

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