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The three business black holes and how you can take advantage of these

[:en]You may not have been an astronaut or a space explorer in your life but you for sure have experienced the black holes existing in the business world.

Not sure what I am talking about? Let me be more specific with some tangible examples (your brain loves tangible stuff).

Have you ever experienced that strange moment when a person totally disappears, as if sucked into a black hole full of void? You know, that person who suddenly never returns your calls or emails?

Or maybe you have met that type of person who seems like a reasonably decent human being, with both feet on the ground, solid, but who after a while never delivers what she promised? As if sucked in a black hole.

The first thing you usually do is to check if you have done something wrong. You never know, you could have so much energy that you create a black hole attracting every one. But in this case all these people wouldn’t have disappeared and still be close to you, as your followers, as partners and even as clients. You could say that they belong to the 2 or 3% of the people who need your solutions, services, products right now. Here we are in the Perfect Black Hole. This is the coolest possible black hole as you are in its centre and you created it.

If you have done everything properly then, maybe, there is a black hole of events that attracts them away from you. If you are lucky the acceleration of events will send them back to you. This is the Patience Black Hole. 

These two black hole types are the best ones to meet during your business space trip. But be aware that these are also of the rare type. In fact, there is a very dangerous black hole out there that has the biggest impact on your life: The Politeness Black Hole.

This is the one you will find many times along your path. It is a very strange one. Instead of attracting people towards or away from you it sucks their politeness away. It works especially well on people you already have great contacts with, people who promised to work with you, and even people you have already had successful business with.

When you cross the path of the Politeness Black Hole your best contacts just … vanish! Well in fact their politeness vanishes. They are still there, you see them being active, you know they aren’t on vacation, they aren’t sick or haven’t changed company. They just no more reply, no more return your calls, your emails etc.

What happened? What can you do?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of the Politeness Black Hole.

As a lot is out of your hands. There are only three ways out.

  1. Acceptance. Use your power to accept that you will never see that person again and that she’s not worth your time. Do you really want to do business with someone not even able to say “No, thanks”? Don’t be that desperate! Have some self-respect, you deserve much better. Because if you are still struggling to get this person out of the Politeness Black hole then you have the focus and energy it takes to give people a lot! Jump out of the Politeness Black Hole and start to look for new people who deserve to be in your Perfect Black Hole.
  2. Patience. You can give yourself and that person a little bit more time. How much depends on your business and how important that person is to it. By the way make sure you do know how you define an “important person” for your business or life … Sir Richard Branson may be out of reach for most of us. Try to attract your contact to the Patience Black Hole. Build the energy in your mind to be able to wait.
  3. Power. Attention danger ahead. This is the last resort strategy to get out of the Politeness Black Hole. It requires courage, energy and, to be able to accept that you may have definitely lost that contact. Well as this person is in the Politeness Black Hole already, is that really a risk? Time to use the Reciprocity rule and get that person to feel very bad for having ignored you. It only works if you have already provided her with free stuff (not talking about a pencil or some other stupid crap). Really useful content for her life, success, business or career. In this last resort strategy, you have to make your contact feel bad for having received “free” stuff from you. Time to remind her that the least she can do is to reply.

Here you go! Time to put on your space suit and fight the Politeness Black Hole and drive them back to your Perfect Black Hole!

Let me know how you managed it! Let’s connect and create a Perfect Black Hole![:]

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