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The Sunday read

For this lovely Sunday of confinement I would suggest you take some time and read what has to be one of the most fundamental reads for each and every Sales, Marketing and Growth person, and this means entrepreneurs too!

Once again, I am repeating this all the time, you know that the rational brain isn’t the decision maker and that as long as you keep being rational (talking about your company, your products, your services, the features etc…) is killing your business .. What. That’s what you do ??? Poor you!

This is why YOU HAVE TO read this book!

Descarte’s Error by Antonio Damazio (get it here: on amazon).

You will learn that what people tell you about :

– rational selling is WRONG

– Using an emotion to sell is WRONG

– Make them smile is enough is WRONG

I really insist : read this book!

And if you want more great readings I hand picked for you visit my selection here :

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