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The secret to sell more, more often

You are facing a liar when it comes to the decision making process, a liar hiding in the subconscious part of the brain. Science has demonstrated that what drives any decision is a subconscious frustration, or a set of. Your task is to find the one/ones that match what you have to offer.

To help you understand what a subconscious frustration really is, you need to differentiate if from what you were told about the decision driving factors : the desire, the wish or the need. These three factors are often mentioned as the ones driving the pain. Removing the pain is what they tell you to achieve when you want a purchase decision to be made. To identify this desire, need or wish you are going to use your most rational tool: a question, a typical rational question, that has the answer already included in it. Why? Because you are asking your clients a question about, or focused, on your products or services. As they are nice people, most of them, will reply … consciously.

Let’s say that you are selling writing stuff, like pens. Your management has asked you to drive a market analysis to create and sell a new pen. You get a few people in a room, a focus group, or get them to answer a questionnaire on the web, and ask them if they prefer a red pen or a blue pen.  

As your focus group is made of nice people, they will give you a reply and you get the result that 80% prefer the blue pen. Very proud of yourself you get manufacturing to produce blue pens and get them delivered in all the stores. They end up selling no pen. Surprising? Of course! 80% of your focus group told you they want a blue pen! They answered your question! 

As you asked a rational question you got a rational answer! The desire to write with a blue pen, the wish to own a blue pen and, finally, the need to write using a blue pen. Once more you just lost margin!

To get the proper answer you should have talked with their subconscious mind and look at what stops them from sleeping. It may sound like a strange question to ask to a client, and they will be surprised too, but it will start a great conversation. 

Let’s get back to your pens. Would you have asked a question targeting their subconscious mind, you may have received information about the fact that, as the times are tough, your leads, clients, have that subconscious need to free themselves through creativity, through art … you should have produced a paint brush!

As you can see the subconscious mind doesn’t care at all about your products or services, it cares only about it’s own subconscious frustrations.

How to use the subconscious frustrations is explained and usable in the book “I am a married enrepreneur … Get me out of here!” that you can get HERE now!

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