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She talks and needs you to talk … how is that related to your business?

Women talk more than men, this is a popular saying that is proven right every day, hour, minute!

Don’t see this as bad macho criticism, it’s just a fact!

As an entrepreneur this can be a real pain if you work from home when your wife is home. Because you need silence and concentration while she needs to share!

None of you can really get away from this, because this is how your brains work!

Your brains have stop evolving 100.000 years ago! They still run the cave man processes!

Which means that men are hunters, and when you are hiding to catch a pray you better keep your big mouth shut or get noticed by an enemy or a big bad wolf (or any other big, dangerous animal you like).

Because of that:

Male brains “talk inside” the brain.

On the other hand, women were the core of the tribe; the social driving factor. As such they had to communicate a lot to keep the tribe informed and growing. This is also why women have a 6th sense!

Because as communicators not only do they use the voice but also the body language! Much more than men.

Female brains “talk outside” of the brain.

Both communication styles make sense but don’t work properly together. And this is frustrating for both.

I started this by mentioning the example of you being an entrepreneur but the same applies to someone working in an office.

Luckily nowadays there are, in most positions, nearly as many women as men (and I hope soon the same amount, as long as it makes sense), which implies that this “mis-communication” happens there too. This can drive to some serious frustrations.

Men have to understand that women expect them to talk as much as them, and men expect women to be as quiet as them.

Of course this won’t work but if both make a step toward the other it will help.

Ladies, when you see your partner deep in thought, or very silent, let him talk to himself in his brain, he will be back soon. Cutting his thought-train is ver frustrating.

Gentlemen, when a woman starts talking to you, listen to her and join the conversation.

In both situations, be aware of what is going on!

You can learn more about the male and female brain differences in this free eBook (click HERE to download it).

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