Without Being Called Manipulative!

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Rational selling = Margin loss!

It has been scientifically proven that the decision maker in the brain IS NOT the rational brain!

Did you know that the decision maker in the brain takes 11 seconds to make any decision? That it lives in a 7 seconds window!

Do you think it cares about your "elevator pitch"? Do you think it cares about YOU?


90% of the knowledge on the human brain is coming from the past 10 years! And that includes the latest knowledge on the decision process in the brain! When you know which part of the brain make the decisions you can help it and get more for yourself!

What if you could get the daily usable knowledge to drive the decisions you want ethically?

Here is the unique training, made of more than 20 videos, only for the people who want to

become The Ethical Persuader and GET MORE without killing  your reputation as a honest person!

Today you can get become THE ETHICAL PERUADER

thanks to this UNIQUE TRAINING! Just click on the button!

Your Training includes:

More than 20 video lessons to grow your Ethical Persuasion to Get More! Exercises and cheat sheets are also included.

Learn why the brain's evolution has impacted all your persuasion efforts to Get More!

Learn to build a smashing story by using your "Why". This is the tool to get people to listen to you and to Get More!.

What if you could have a tribe of raving fans, of raving buyers? Learn how to create such a tribe and Get More!

Learn the ethical persuasion secret formula and you use it daily to Get More!

Learn how to build the right ethical persuasion strategy to Get More!

Discover how you can convert your persuasion strategy into actionable steps to Get More!!

Your strongest ethical persuasion tool is ... you! Learn to use your body, your voice, your words to Get More!

Your Bonus:

It gets better because I love to help people who are ready to take action to help others reach the right decisions.

This is why you get two bonuses when you join the training:

Public Speaking
Lesson for FREE!

Learn how your brain and the ones of your audience work and how to use this knowledge to be the most efficient during your public speaking. 

You'll learn how to get ready, how to drive yourself during and how to move on after having spoken in public.

Presentations that Influence 
Lesson for FREE!

Have you heard of "Powerpointitis"? This is a bad disease that comes with your use/abuse of powerpoint/keynote. If you don't build each and everyone of your presentations to target the decision maker in your audience's brain your are not being persuasive and are wasting time and reputation. Stop this!

What they say about the

Ethical Persuader:


“ I strongly advise you to use Thomas' coaching to help you grow your business! His explanations are clear, precise and often made tangible through examples helping us to better understand towards which strategy we should go. His knowledge of NeuroMarketing - the Science of Persuasion - is also very helpful when looking to attract more clients and grow your revenue on the Internet. Thomas adapts to your business and your needs, offering you a personalised coaching. I am using his teaching daily and can see the positive results! I strongly advise you to get in touch with him!”

Maéva M



"I recently had the pleasure of working with Thomas. He was the keynote speaker at a large scale event that I was producing. I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and I would certainly recommend Thomas in this capacity."

Andy V

Event Manager


When drafting my sales literature or creating presentations, I consistently highlighted the features and benefits of my service with an average closing rate.

After taking Dr. Trautmann‘s class I discovered a better way to identify my customers frustrations. 

Dr. Trautmann teaches persuasion techniques so you can communicate to the area of the brain that truly makes decisions. Instead of explaining why customers should buy from me; I’ve learned persuasion strategies on how to connect with my clients.

Discover the how and why people make decisions!

Lynn J 


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One more Bonus:

Because it's better to work smart than hard I will also share with you the tools I like to use the most to automate a big part of my business.

I will share these with you in the training.

List of selected Tools to Automate your Influence!

Enjoy this list of tools I do use daily to automate many of my influence processes.

Growing your Ethical Persuasion doesn't mean you have to work harder. It's about you working smarter

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