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Your Training includes:

More than 20 video lessons to grow your Professional Persuasion, Personal Persuasion, Perfect Persuasion. Each lesson is formatted to keep your brain active. Exercises and cheat sheets are also included.

Learn why the brain's evolution has impacted all your persuasion efforts and why you being rational will kill your margin and success. You have to dig deep into your audience's brain to extract the decision driver ... which isn't rational at all

Without a proper story people will not start following you. If they don't follow you .... they won't let you persuade them. Learn to build a smashing story by using your "Why".

What if you could have a tribe of raving fans, of raving buyers following you, sharing your persuasion and attracting more fans and buyers for you? Learn how to create such a tribe!

Learn the persuasion secret formula and you can use it daily in your Professional Persuasion, Personal Persuasion, Perfect Persuasion!

Learn how to build the right persuasion strategy. If you have one, your business will grow!

Discover how you can convert your persuasion strategy into action steps driving your tribe to buy more and more from you!

Your strongest persuasion tool is ... you! Learn to use your body, your voice, your words for perfect persuasion.

Your Bonus:

Public Speaking Lesson for FREE!

Learn how your brain and the ones of your audience work and how to use this knowledge to be th emost efficient during your public speaking. 

You'll learn how to get ready, how to drive yourself during and how to move on after having spoken in public.

Presentations that Persuade Lesson for FREE!

Have you heard of "Powerpointitis"? This is a bad disease that comes with your use/abuse of powerpoint/keynote. If you don't build each and everyone of your presentations to target the decision maker in your audience's brain your are not being persuasive and are wasting time and reputation. Time to stop this!

List of selected Tools to Automate your Persuasion!

Enjoy this list of tools I do use daily to automate many of my persausion processes.

Growing your Professional Persuasion, your Personal Persuasion, your Perfect Persuasion doesn't mean you have to work harder. It's about you working smarter

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