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Do you know that you can Persuade Fast and Ethically by using the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques?

Do you ever wonder why your audience always tries to get more from you or acts negatively?

Here is the secret: there is a little-known part of the brain making ALL decisions. Hardly anybody is using it to persuade. But when you learn how to trigger it, you'll see a huge difference in your success and how fast and ethically you can persuade.

Why would you know that? You aren't a neuroscientist!

Don't worry having studied and emulated brain models during my Ph.D. and having worked as a Certified NeuroMarketing Instructor for 6 years I have done the heavy lifting for you.

Let me explain: if you don't know how the brain makes decisions you are using the same old way 97% of the people are using. You are trying to be as rational as possible! Which sounds good, but, unfortunately, doesn't work at all as the decision maker in the brain is't the rational brain!

It has been scientifically demonstrated, without any reasonable doubt that the decision maker is at the Primal Brain ... that hasn't evolved over the last 100.000 years!

If you keep persuading rationally, you will keep losing resources!

The big question on my clients minds is " How can I get rid of exhausting negotiations, having to explain, fight for each decision?"

My clients come to me frustrated, stressed, depressed, no more knowing what to do to get people on board and make the right decision!

I've been working on Persuasion Strategies and Techniques for the last 8 years, using my previous experience but also studying to become a Certified Instructor. Using scientific knowledge and making it easy to apply in your daily life. Having worked with hundreds of executives I have seen the way their results changed and how they smiled again!

It took me 2 years to create the optimal Persuasion, but I finally perfected the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques and want to share my many years of expertise with you

Now You can Persuade Fast and Ethically 

Without being seen manipulative and losing resources!

Inside the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques Online Training, you'll find 20 videos of in-depth training lessons along with worksheets and bonuses.

And you will learn what the Persuasion Formula is all about and how you can benefit from it every day!

Here is what Your Training includes:

More than 20 video lessons to grow your Professional Persuasion, Personal Persuasion, Perfect Persuasion. Each lesson is formatted to keep your brain active. Exercises and cheat sheets are also included.

Learn why the brain's evolution has impacted all your persuasion efforts and why you being rational will kill your margin and success. You have to dig deep into your audience's brain to extract the decision driver ... which isn't rational at all

Without a proper story people will not start following you. If they don't follow you .... they won't let you persuade them. Learn to build a smashing story by using your "Why".

What if you could have a tribe of raving fans, of raving buyers following you, sharing your persuasion and attracting more fans and buyers for you? Learn how to create such a tribe!

Learn the persuasion secret formula and you can use it daily in your Professional Persuasion, Personal Persuasion, Perfect Persuasion!

Learn how to build the right persuasion strategy. If you have one, your business will grow!

Discover how you can convert your persuasion strategy into action steps driving your tribe to buy more and more from you!

Your strongest persuasion tool is ... you! Learn to use your body, your voice, your words for perfect persuasion.

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Your Bonuses:

Free coaching call

As a valued member of my tribe you get a free, 1 hour, coaching call with me.

During the call we will asses where you stand with your Persuasion Strategied and Techniques skills and see what and how you can improve your Professional Persuasion, your Personal Persuasion, your Perfect Persussion.

List of selected Tools to Automate your Persuasion!

Enjoy this list of tools I do use daily to automate many of my persausion processes.

Growing your Professional Persuasion, your Personal Persuasion, your Perfect Persuasion doesn't mean you have to work harder. It's about you working smarter




I strongly advise you to use Thomas' coaching to help you grow your business! His explanations are clear, precise and often made tangible through examples helping us to better understand towards which strategy we should go. His knowledge of NeuroMarketing - the Science of Persuasion - is also very helpful when looking to attract more clients and grow your revenue on the Internet. Thomas adapts to your business and your needs, offering you a personalised coaching. I am using his teaching daily and can see the positive results! I strongly advise you to get in touch with him!

Maéva. M.

Event Manager

I recently had the pleasure of working with Thomas. He was the keynote speaker at a large scale event that I was producing. I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and I would certainly recommend Thomas in this capacity.

Andy. V.

Data Planner

Forget everything you know or think you know about your listening skills, attention to another or relationship (professional and personal). The meeting with Thomas and his Persuasion expertise, following one of his publications (and a very good intuition), marked my approach to listen, and literally embrace the issues of other speakers. It is not at all a matter of "take control" or manipulate others.

Maud. F.


I was lucky to attend Attention-London conference by emarketer to meet one of the best featured speakers Dr Thomas Trautmann.
Through his awesome presentation, and his charismatic presence on stage, Thomas perfectly connected with the audience, captured their attention and convinced them to apply this scientifically proven approach in sales and marketing.

Carole. H.

Your Benefits:

  • You will grow  your Professional Persuasion, you Personal Persuasion, your Perfect Persuasion
  • You will smile again!
  • You will have a tribe of followers ready to listen to you and buy from you
  • You will ethically get what you want
  • You will get decisions in less  than 11 seconds
  • You will no more waste precious resources to get the decision you want
  • You will keep nay sayers away

Today, you can get rid of nay sayers, long negotiations, and start driving the decisions you want, OR, you can continue to experience stress, frustration, reputation loss. But there is a cost of inaction:

  • You won't create recurring clients
  • You will always have to fight to drive a decision 
  • Your time, money, reputation will be at risk while you try to convince
  • You will be perceived as pushy, salesy and unethical
  • Your permanently frustrated sad face will hurt your loved ones and work colleagues 

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