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Rational Brain : you get people to make the decision you want by putting the decision maker in their brain under pressure. This is often perceived as Unethical and Manipulative. Click >>here<< to get the free "Ethical Persuasion Strategies and Techniques" eBook to learn more about Persuasion.

Losing Brain : decisions are made at your own cost. You'll always have to give something away (rebate, product, service ...) to have a chance to persuade them. You'll keep losing. You can have a look at the webinar replay to grow your skills. Click >>here<<.

Nice Brain : Thanks to good listening skills people tend to like you and make decisions, you may like, based on your empathy. You can have a look at the webinar replay to grow your skills. Click >>here<<.

Tribal Brain : Amazing! Your ethical persuasion skills helps your tribe following you and wanting to get/buy more from you. Click >>here<< to get the free "Get More in 5 steps" eBook to keep growing your Persuasion.

Happy Brain : Persuasion is your middle name! The Persuasion Formula is your bible, your smile opens every door. We should hire you!

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