Love, Freedom, Sex in
Your Couple

Finally! How to Enjoy Your Couple Relationship

Without Having to Become Someone Else! 

It all starts in your Brain! Why? Because the Human Brain stopped its Evolution 100.000 Years Ago! 

And this is how Men and Women relationships went from easy to ... a nightmare!

Get More! In Your Couple...

Your mom, family, friends are always telling you that you can save your couple by changing, by being another person, and you believed them? THINK AGAIN!

"I told you so! I told you that this isn't the right partner for you" ... "If you don't make the effort and change, your couple will break-up!" ... "You never listen to me, you don't hear me, I want a divorce" ... and this could go on and on and on.

How did you get there? How did this wonderful relationship move from passion and love to hate and fighting? You know you did your best, you know you accepted a lot and even tried to be more like your partner wants. But still here you are, red eyed, energy low, nervously down.

Why is it that after three or six month what started as a dream, as the perfect relationship is now a permanent struggle? Why is it that after all those years of love your are now just friends?

There is a culprit! The good news? It's not you! Your mom can say what she wants, you did a good job and being who you are and sticking to it is a first step towards being happy.

Now you start thinking "oh great another psycho-crap thing"! STOP!

Would psychology work there wouldn't be anymore break-ups, divorces, depressions due to couple relationships! Don't get me wrong! It works really well .... to make couple therapists rich! 

"Then who is the culprit and how can you get back to a great couple relationship? 

The answer is this one: use your brains! Yours and your partner's ... but use them at their most primal level ... at the level that runs human relationships!

In fact stop thinking and start acting like a Caveman!

Men and Women aren't equal!
And that's why you are in trouble! 
Men and Women are complementary!

NO! You aren't from another planet! Men and Women evolved together on earth. BUT each one had a specific role to make sure your species would survive. .

Don't believe it? Look at female and male bodies! Are these the same? Are these fundamentally different? No! There are differences but subtle ones, enough to say if a person is a woman or a man. Keep looking at these bodies ... do you see how they are made to work together?

It doesn't stop at the body level ... it goes much deeper ... down to  the brain and it's most intricate structures! .

Women are smarter than Men, just like Men are smarter than Women ... on specific tasks based on the societal evolution of the human species.

But what has this to do with you? With your Couple? EVERYTHING! You are the ultimate evolution of the human species and as such it's biggest ... couple failure! Why? Because you try to use that big brain of yours to run a couple which is basically using the same processes as your ancestors in their caves ... many ... many years back.

When you know this, how these processes work and how you can use them to your advantage then you will be happy in your couple and ...

Get More Love!

Start Primal Feelings

Get More Freedom!

Start Primal Communication

Get More Sex!

Start Primal Signals.

Why do women wear lipstick? Is cheating ... cheating? Chocolate or Champagne?

Your Brain Plays with You!

You think that all your actions or those of your partner are conscious and rational? Think again!

Do you remember that very first kiss? So passionate, so deep ... Well your brain wasn't enjoying the ride as it was very busy running an in-depth analysis of your partner's health and potential genetic interest. Really!

Did you know that you can last longer or make him last longer with a simple trick on the male brain?

Oh! The lipstick thing ... well it's a subconscious thing too! Primal, very primal! Keep reading and you will learn more.

Those are just a few examples of what happens in your brain. Why from the first passionate kiss to the first argument after 3 to 6 month you have no control over it, if you don't know how to use the Primal Brain biases to your advantage.

To save yourself, your relationship and your happiness it's time for you to stop thinking that being someone else, reading psychology books, or even talking to your lawyer is going to solve the problem.

When you know how to use the brain and it's way to handle male/female relationships you can:

  • Handle arguments, make them shorter and come back to being happy faster. How is that possible? Every of your arguments/fights is about an ancestral survival system called fight/flight. Driven by chemicals in the human brain for thousands of years, it still runs nowadays. Learn to manage it properly and stop fighting.
  • Communicate with the other gender's brain. Thanks ... sort of ... to human evolution male and female brains don't communicate the same way. They don't even handle language the same way. Learn how male and female communication processes work and start to really talk a common language.
  • Enjoy intimate moments in a very new way. What has this to with the brain? Everything? How long he will last? ... The brain. How much she will talk? ... The brain. What she looks at?  ... The Brain. Why does he look at blondes? ... The Brain! Why does she prefer the bedroom while he wants outdoor fun? ... The Brain and the Brain again! Time to learn how this works and how you can use this for mutual benefit.

Of course you aren't a Brain Scientist! 

We did the heavy lifting for you ...

All the above and much more is based on the latest brain science, evolutionary sociology and much more complex stuff. Not something you want to waste time with when your happiness and couple are in danger.

Having read the above you have a better understanding why the brain, and especially the primal brain, are at the moment your worst enemy and why it's paramount that you convert them into your best friend. 

Using your brain, your partner's brain you can Get More Love, Freedom, and even Sex in your couple! You can now have access to the latest brain science, converted for you into simple techniques you can use every day. Like, the words to use, the food to eat, the way to talk and even simple tricks to enjoy intimate times.

You can even use these techniques in your dating profiles, in case you are reading this after a break-up or on the way to meeting someone.

You can easily and quickly Get More in your Couple!

No need for couple therapies that aren't specifically made for you. No need to run to your divorce lawyer.

If you are still in love and really want to save your couple now is the right time to use the latest Neuro Couple techniques compiled for you.

You will become a Couple Warriror and prove them all that you have chosen the right partner, that being yourself is working and that all the "naysayers" are just .... "naysayers"! 

Now is the right time to “Get More”

Read the only book that will help you enjoy your couple

without having to become someone else!

This eBook has been written for all the people who want to enjoy who they are, in their couple relationship. Due to the hard times, thanks to the pandemic, this book has been priced to allow you to access this unique knowledge for less than the cost of a coffee cup!

What you will learn: 

  • 1
    Why male and female brains aren't equals: Evolution has formatted the human brain based on the role of each gender in the growth of humanity. Sounds great? Almost ... because evolution, for the brain, stopped 100.000 years ago ... oooops!.
  • 2
    How these differences are impacting your life: as much rational as you can be ... your couple life is still impacted by old primal processes that are driving your behaviours and killing your couple .... the solution to become a winner are listed in your book.
  • 3
    Secret techniques: listed by gender and by problem you face in your couple, these simple techniques will get you out of trouble. They are listed and easy to access for any situation you may face..

See what other Couple Warriors have to say about

Neuro Couple and "Get More!":

"The Key to the Mystery..."

As much as we get taught a lot during childhood, as much we know nothing about the couple … and this is where Neuro Couple helps … couples but also singles. Neuro Couple gives us the keys to this mystery: the couple, for both men and women.

Aside the knowledge, the personal thinking “of course, that’s it!” (getting conscious of one’s own mistakes), Neuro Couple shares this knowledge in a friendly and happy way 


"A Nice Surprise..."

Joining Neuro Couple was a nice surprise to me ... The way ideas, information, stories are mixed and communicated in different steps makes not only very friendly the reading, but the stronger the understanding of the topics themselves.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel a positive evolution in your couple relationship when you use the techniques presented in the book over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund of your €0,97 payment. No hard feelings.

In Fact You Shouldn't Read This Book

If you enjoy never ending arguments, always trying to be someone else, spending weeks, months without sex in your couple ... don't read this book.

If you think that paying thousands of euros or dollars to someone who will just tell you that it all circles back to your childhood and that you can't be happy ... don't read this book.

If you like it when your parents, family, friends, people who know you, talk about you and comment on how stupid you were to get into this relationship, how much it's your fault this couple of yours is a failure ... don't read this book.

Yes! This book is dangerous as it will teach you how to dive into your brain and your partner's one and find the secrets to a happy relationship! 

Yes! The techniques presented in this book aren't pure magic and require you to read, learn and practice!

Now! Stop being seen as a failure!

You are going to pay a fortune to get this unique knowledge ... 0.97 Euros/dollars ... when people did pay thousands to get coached and trained to access the same content. You even get the 30 days money back guarantee. 

Ask yourself this question : "Is my couple worth less than a cup of coffee?"

Get the Book NOW!


P.S.: At this price point you have the chance to learn unique techniques to save your couple at less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Usually the book sells for €17 on Amazon and online stores like the Apple Store, Barnes and Nobble etc... It may go back to that price soon. Don't waste this opportunity.

P.S.: That lipstick story ... well it's explained in the book!

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