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Married entrepreneur? The 2 pitfalls of your doom!

It’s very often thought that an entrepreneur’s success is only related to his entrepreneurship skills, like management or strategy. When in fact the main reason for entrepreneurs in a couple to be successful is the quality of their relationship. Estimations say that the break-up rate for married entrepreneurs is 5% higher compared to people in a normal job.

Unfortunately this has also a high impact on the business’ failure rates. To avoid this, entrepreneurs in a couple relationship have to escape to main pitfalls : communication with their partner and the financial status of the couple.

In this book you are going to dive inside the brain science that drives your relationship as well as the decision process and you‘ll discover how much our species’ evolution has a direct impact on both. You will learn the main differences between the male and female brains, what these differences imply in your relationship and couple communication.

You will also discover which part of the brain makes the decisions, which will help you to ethically persuade people to make the decisions you want. This works for both your partner and your clients, helping you to get your partner to acknowledge you as an entrepreneur, and your clients to buy more and more often from you.

Being married to a woman I love, with whom I have 3 marvellous kids, I definitely don’t want to see all this disappear because of some misunderstandings and even less because of my entrepreneurship adventures.

Yes, we do have arguments together, and yes we enjoy the life of entrepreneurs. I like to say that my wife and I are the perfect female and male prototypes, each of us having the reactions, behaviours, and thinking processes that belong to our respective genders. Being such “perfect” samples, we experience the traditional couple “fights” that definitely look stupid once the tension is over.

During the past years, I noticed that we always repeat the same behaviours, inducing the same results. I am not a psychologist, nor a therapist, but the ethical persuasion science expert. As such, I have noticed that some behavioural and thinking processes are common to both genders, like the decision-making process. While on the other hand, and this is where your adventure starts, many other processes are deeply connected to the gender. If you know what happens inside your wife’s head, you can adapt your behaviour and thinking in order to get what you want : a happy relationship.

Even better: when you know how the brain makes all its decisions, then you know how to trigger these and get the decisions you want, which means more clients, more sales and getting ahead of your competition. This will help you to show your wife tangible results and no more “optimistic objectives”.

Up to now, if you wanted to succeed or just move forward in your relationship, you had a few options available: stuff only related to your couple, like couples therapy, reading relationship psychology books, or using various empirical existing methods – none having any clear and precise basis. You could also have tried to read more content only focusing on marketing and sales, not really focusing on the brain to build more tangible results.

While empirical methods tried to keep you captive … and your money too … science moved forward. During the last 15 to 20 years, neuroscience’s discoveries grew exponentially, and can now help us to better understand what’s going on in the male and female brains, and also how your clients decide to buy from you and how you can ethically persuade them to do so.Both concepts cover the main pitfalls any entrepreneur in a couple relationship should avoid : couple communication issues and financial status problems.

Don’t be mistaken! Being an entrepreneur in a couple relationship is THE most important parameter to your success is your couple ! And you should not expect your partner, your wife, to move towards your world, because you have to be the one making the effort to welcome her.This is why I have decided to create the “Kangal Entrepreneurs Circle” and write this book for you.

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