Want to Get more!

Just a few tools aren't enough for you, you want to Get More!

The answer is the Ethical Persuader System

The Ethcial Persuader System, is a 7 steps system made to provide you ALL the tools you need to drive the decisions you want, while they make the decisions you need.

Based on the latest brain science converted into actionable techniques and tools this UNIQUE system is packed in a book! That you can get NOW!

Here are the 7 steps:

#1 - The Optimal Client Strategy - How to grow while working only with the right people

Did you know that 60% of your market doesn't care about you? 60% will never buy from you, and, if they do, they will kill your margin! Target the 2% who need you now, and who will reach the decision to buy from you in 11 seconds.

#2 - The Ethical Persuasion Fomula - How to eliminate manipulation and lies and use science to your benefit

Learn the four parameters driving Ethical Persuasion and how to maximise these to drive the decisions you want while your customers make the decision they need!

#3 - The "WHY" Creator - How to eliminate the long rational boring BlahBlahBlah Sales Pitch

Driving decisions is a human act and requires that people resonate with you. This is only possible if there is a good reason for them to believe, a "Why”.  A "Why" you do what you do! Learn how to drive their brains to connect with what you want them to.

#4 - The Tribe Builder - The truth about the most successful brands

Human beings are hard wired to live in tribes. We couldn't have survived as long as we have without this societal structure. Our brains are wired to follow the one we see as the leader. Discover how you can become a true leader, and get more and more and more!

#5 - The Brain Friendly Speaker - Never be scared to speak in front of people

You want to get more? Well, you will have to talk to people! Most of us are afraid to speak in front of people. No worries, I got you covered on here.  You will learn how to lose that fear,  using science, to become a great speaker. From a small meeting to a big conference – No sweat. You’ve got this now!

#6 - The Primal Selling - Not talking about what you sell ... sells more!

The only way to sell more - and save, or even increase your margins, is to stop acting rationally! Yup. I said it.  You will see.  When you use the Primal Selling Technique you will sell more and increase your margins. 

#7 - The Value Ladder Strategy - What to do if you can't grow your business

To get your business cruising in the fast lane, discover how to create offers that will strategically drive your customers’ brains to want more from you while covering your cost.

Now is the time for 

You to Get More!

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