You think she is trusting you

as an entrepreneur? 

Think again!

If you are reading this page it means that right now your wife is making it clear that either you get a J.O.B or she will leave you, because she's had enough of you and your entrepreneurship. You have so much pressure on your shoulders that you no more know on what you should focus and where to go next, even though you know you are so close to success!

Keep reading as Brain Science has THE solution for you!

Get More! Clients

Get More! Success

Get more! Support from Her

Get More! Love from Her

Dear married Entrepreneur have you ever Felt This way:

  • Struggling to keep her happy and not complaining & having the freedom to do what you want with your business?
  • Lacking positive energy and stuck with dark thoughts about giving up because of her?
  • Trouble getting more clients?
  • Tired of looking for a new idea that will quickly generate money?
  • Finding it hard to stay focused?

To Help you solve these problems,

I Created a simple,yet Powerful tool

that will supercharge your couple and business!

After 6 years of research, on the male and female brains, on Neuromarketing - Brain Science applied to marketing and sales. After having converted this science into daily usable, simple and powerful, techniques I came up with a way to help Married Male Entrepreneurs!

Why you? 

Because as a married entrepreneur I know what you are going through! I know how invested you are in your business AND in your marriage and how much each should support the other in a virtuous circle. 

The problem being that male and female brains don't work the same way, and once there is a chasm in your couple ... getting over it gets difficult and can deeply impact your happiness, your business and your family.

I can't let that happen! 

There are TWO PITFALLS facing you

as a Married Entrepreneur:

Pitfall 1

Your business isn't growing fast enough.


Communication with HER is not running properly.

Introducing the only book ever written for

Married Male Entrepreneurs

"I am a Married Entrepreneur ... Get Me Out of Here!" will bring you the tools you need to persuade your wife to stick with you and trust you, while you implement the tools and techniques to persuade people to become recurring clients, for you to Get More!

Merging both the Neuro Couple system with the Ethical Persuader one it gives you in its 150 pages all the tools you need to Get More! from your clients and Get More! from your partner.

Using the techniques taught in this book you will have the tools to dive deep into hers and theirs brains, reaching the decision maker as well as triggering it!

Here is just a sneak peak of the "I am a Married Entrepreneur ... Get Me Out of Here" book I am giving you today

How to kill her "Panic Switch"

One word is enough to start the old "fight/flight" process nowadays. What kept your ancestors alive is now your worst enemy in your couple. You have to learn how manage your brain and hers to avoid useless fights and get out of these for more peace and time to grow your business.

The truth about the ultimate "Wife Whisperer"

Discover how she really communicates and master the art of listening in silence. She'll thank you for that and trust you even more.

The Secret Ethical Persuasion Formula

Discover, learn and master the brain's decision process to ethically drive the decisions you want They will buy more and more often from you.

How to create your "WHY" to attract more clients 

Stop being perceived as salesy, as you only have 5% chance to close. Learn to "resonate" with your audience and enjoy the 70% closing rate only ethical persuaders deserve.

No more Manipulation. Become the "Happy Tribe Leader"

The secret to your success is ... recuring sales. You will learn how to use the most fundamental human need to be part of a tribe to convert your leads into raving fans! Your wife will be happy to see a safe and recurring income.

Here is what They are SAYING

A great content, now I need to turn it into action

Tribe: I never considered how important this is!


It's very practical

Using this will help me sell more!


Energetic, fun yet very informative

Key element : how to implement the Persuasion Formula.


Stop Running like a Crazy Hamster because you drive:


  • You are desperately searching for any "shinny solution" to finally make some money.
  • None understands what your business is really about because you try anything.
  • Your brain gets overloaded and you can't focus anymore.


Bleeding Money
  • You are spending a fortune in ads and trainings by some "gurus".
  • You are getting your social accounts banned on a  regular basis because you are trying any existing automation tool.
  • You are burning her family's money!


  • She made it clear that now is enough! Get a job!
  • Every day there is an argument with her.
  • You are wasting time on the Internet trying to find a way out.

Here is what YOU Will Get:

It's not just a book with some techniques that you will get but a real solution to Get More! benefits like:

No more doubts:

You'll finally get why she wants you to get a normal job, with a regular income and stop that entrepreneurship nonsense. 

You'll understand why she panics. 

You'll be able to persuade her and communicate with her to get her to listen and understand! 

No more being called a "loser":

When you use ethical persuasion you'll be acknowledged and perceived as a honnest and carring person. Thus attracting more clients and revenue.

She'll feel safe and stop those endless fights calling you "unconscious", "stupid" or "loser".

You will be the Ethical Persuader:

People, your clients will see you as a member of their tribe and will prefer to buy from you, more often than from your competitors. 

More revenue, more peace of mind, happier wife!

Here is what's In the Book:

  • How the latest knowledge and science on the male and female brains impacts your business (All explained on page 23) ...
  • Why you two are so different and why this impacts your couple and business (As you wil learn on page 30) ...
  • The Panic Swithc in her brain and how you can move it the right way for your own benefit (Explaind on page 43) ...
  • How you too can become the ultimate "wife wisperer" and handle language in a female friendly way (More on page 55) ...
  • Why using your eyes and body language is going to help you grow your business (Explained on page 61) ...
  • Learn the Silent Listening skill to be a better persuader with her and your clients (Outlined on page 73) ...
  • How your customers' brain makes decisions and how you can use this knowledge to your own benefit (See page 77) ...
  • Stop being rational and start being primal to drive their decisions (See how the decision process runs on page 84) ...
  • Discover the Secret Persuasion Formula and how to maxilise it's parameters to drive the decisions you want (Learn it on page 103) ...
  • The brain loves stories, learn to create your "WHY" story and attract more clients (All on page 113) ...
  • Become a Tribe Leader and have a base of raving fans-clients (Build your tribe on page 128) ...
  •  And much, much more!

Also when you grab your "I am a Married Entrepreneur ... Get Me Out of Here?" book,

I'll throw FOUR Bonuses worth 328€

Bonus #1

Value : 7€

Learning WHO you are helps your brain to be more focused giving you more strength to Get More!

This manual comes with exercises to help you Get More! Strength!

Bonus #2

Value : 17€

The Ultimate guide to men and women relationships? Did you know that male and female brains aren't configured the same way due to the Human species evolution? Learn how to use the Neuro Couple concept to Get More!

Bonus #3

Value : 7€

Body Language! A fascinating science that will help you to read the hidden messages your audience's body is sending you. These messages are the best way to dive deep in their brain and learn what they really want to tell you.

Bonus #4

Value : €297

You will get access to the Kangal Entrepreneurs Circle Private Group on Facebook. It offers you the opportunity to share and learn with other married male entrepreneurs as well as attend to live events and Q&A sessions.

Get started now!

Here is what I'll give you today:

- The book (PDF) "I am a Married Entrepreneur ... Get Me Out of Here!" (Value €7).

- The manual (PDF) "Get More Strength" (Value €7).

- The book (PDF) " Get More! Love, Freedom, Sex in Your Couple" (Value €17).

- The book (PDF) "What Their Body are Saying, but Their Mouths are not Telling You".

- Full access to the private "Kangal Entrepreneurs Circle" Facebook group (Value €297).

VALUE : €335!

For ONLY €17 €7!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing book, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will I see results?

Sorry to say so but this fully depends of you. If you take action and start implementing what you will learn in the book right away and keeping at it you may see some results in the coming weeks. This fully depends of you and the type of situation you are in.

Does this work without me having to do anything?

Sorry, but in this world nothing comes for granted or at the click. You have to take action, you have to commit yourself to your success! People telling you that you will get rich over night and safe your mariage just like that are liars! You will have to work hard, that's what being an Entrepreneur is about!

What if I need some help?

You can stat by sharing your doubts, questions and ideas within the private Facebook group. You can also drop me message for a private call.

What happens when I want a refund?

You drop me a message, I refund you and we stay friends. You can even keep the books. 

What is that Kangal Entrepreneurs Circle

We call ourselves Kangal Entrepreneurs because we never let go! Just like the Kangal, the dog breed with the strongest bite existing on earth, we don't let go, we don't give up! We are nice people, who fight hard to be happy and make our family happy and safe!

Is Persuasion ethical?

Yes, when done properly using the Ethical Persuader System, which you will learn about, not only is Persuasion Ethical but also will it give you a stellar reputation, aside of your new gained success and happiness!

Your are Just One Click away to Get More!

Instantly unlock the power of Ethical Persuasion for You to Get More! from your wife and clients!

With just one click of a button!

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