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Decision making is NOT rational

It has been scientifically proven that the decision making process isn't about you making a rational decision and then acting on it but more (97%) about the brain making a primal decision and only AFTER THAT rationalising it.

What you do

Killing your margin and resources

It's not your fault! You have been trained, formated that way : you think that the more rational you are, the more you talk about your products, solutions, services ... yourself, the more you will get. FORGET IT!

How can YOU Get More?


No Decision is made by the rational brain! The Decision maker is the Primal Brain! It's driven bu Subconscious Frustrations.

2 - Know WHO YOU ARE

Another brain will only make the decision you want if it resonates with you, with what makes You unique!


Humans are a social species. They need to belong to groups and each group needs a leader. Make sure your clients become Your Tribe Members, as they will follow you and want more from you!


What you do will not trigger the decision maker in the brain. WHY YOU DO IT will and you will Get More!

But there is a problem!

Listen, here’s the truth, I promised no BSing since the moment we met and I’ll continue in that fashion for good…

The Persuasion Formula Training you just bought is AMAZING. We are still waiting to find (in the entire industry) a $97 offer that brings more value to the table. 

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However, there’s a problem.

A big one!

Making a good use of it in any situation you will need it!

Regardless of how good the training is and how much I tried to make it as easy as possible to implement…

…you’re going to face problems.

And the biggest one by far is - you’re going to be alone. It's a little bit as you just bought a car and try to learn how to drive it and survive on a busy road!

No one to get you back on track when that initial surge of motivation inevitably fades because you don't know how to really use it neither know when to use it.

And no one to ask normal questions that will come up:

  • Do ist just work face to face?
  • Can I create my website content with it?
  • Do I need to persuade my co-workers to use it?
  • Are my presentations going to change?
  • When will I see results
  • How can i use Ethical Persuasion in my couple?
  • Won't people think I am crazy when I start using it?
  • How much more will I make?
  • Will it help my own decision making?

If you are wondering how I came up with all these questions, it’s simple…

I went through that myself.

Your Training Includes


More than 20 video lessons to grow your Ethical Persuasion to Get More! Exercises and cheat sheets are also included.


Learn to build a smashing story by using your "Why". This is the tool to get people to listen to you and to Get More!.


Learn the ethical persuasion secret formula and you use it daily to Get More!


Discover how you can convert your persuasion strategy into actionable steps to Get More!!


Learn why the brain's evolution has impacted all your persuasion efforts to Get More!


What if you could have a tribe of raving fans, of raving buyers? Learn how to create such a tribe and Get More!


Learn how to build the right ethicalpersuasion strategy to Get More!


Your strongest ethical persuasion tool is ... you! Learn to use your body, your voice, your words to Get More!

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Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

What My Customers Are Saying

Faustine - Sales

Loved it! Good format & good content I can relate to. Eventually we got to study the psychological part of our jobs!

Lena - Sales

The workshop covered new techniques+ particularly the explanations on how the brain works were super interesting

Jesus - Marketing

Interesting, I know some things of the program but a lot of advices that we can use at any moment. Different interesting enjoyable

Maéva - Entrepreneur

I strongly advise you to use Thomas' coaching to help you grow your business! His explanations are clear, precise and often made tangible through examples helping us to better understand towards which strategy we should go.

Andy - Events Manager

I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious

Carole - CEO

I was lucky to attend Attention-London conference by emarketer to meet one of the best featured speakers Dr Thomas Trautmann.
Through his awesome presentation, and his charismatic presence on stage, Thomas perfectly connected with the audience, captured their attention and convinced them to apply this scientifically proven approach in sales and marketing.

About the Teacher


Your smile is my fuel!

Providing you unique content and services to help you grow your success and access the happiness you deserve is my objective.

From NeuroMarketing - the Science of Influence - Certified Instructor to Neuro Couple Founder and author I love to help people to have more fun.

Ethical Persuasion starts in the brain. Once you know how it works you will Get More!

The Training Modules

Module 1 - The Brain

Learn how the human brain makes decisions and what are the triggers you should use to ethically drive decisions? The covered topics are:

  • Ethics
  • The decision process in the brain
  • Physiological Signals
  • Your WHY
  • Your Tribe
  • The Persusasion Formula
Module 2 - Your Professional Persuasion

A set of techniques based on the art of decision triggering to help you drive Ethical Persuasion in your work life. The covered topics are:

  • Sales Scenario
  • Your Leads
  • Your Value Ladder
  • 6 Persuasion Rules
  • Emailing
Module 3 - Your Personnal Persuasion

Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

  • The First Impression
  • Your Impact
  • Your Voice
  • Your Words
  • Your Body
Module 4 - Bonuses

Let me tell you more, in the following section, about the bonuses you will get when you join the training.


Because your are already comited to becoming the Ethical Persuader I wanted to help you even more with a set of bonuses you will access in your training space:

  • A one hour free coaching call on your Ethical Persuasion needs.
  • Free access to the "FIght Powerpointits" online training to be the best presenter ever and stop hiding behind your "powerpoint".
  • Free access to the "Public Speaking" online training to enjoy speking in front of an audience and fight your glossophibia with your brain.
  • A list of my favourite tools to be more efficient.
  • A copy of the free introduction to the "Neuro Couple" concept.


Won't they notice I use Ethical Persuasion?

People will be surprised you pay attention and take care of their subconscious needs. Nowadays everyone is super selfcentred, not a surprise as the decision maker in the human brain is selfcentred. You are going to learn to focus on that! The brain, their brain will love you for that!

What results can one expect in business?

Results vary depending on ho people act and how much commitment they have. For u most efficient trainees the results are often in the two digit growth range. Again results aren't typical and yours will depend of ... you!

Is it easy to start with Ethical Persuasion?

Let me be blunt, and I may lose some of you here bit : NO! Because you have to focus on the people you want to get a decision from. You will have to dive deeper than you ever have inside their brains! That requires time, effort and work. Sorry no magic wand here!

What part of the brain are we talking about?

The primal brain is going to become your obsession! You may think you are a super evolved species but the human brain still makes decisions at the very primal level. Rationalisation isn't part of the equation, well only after the decision has been made.

Being rational works why should I change?

Oj you can keep the way you have done it till now, but if you are readin gthis there is a big chance that you know it doesn't really work. Being rational will and does bring you more ... bit not on a recuring basis and not without costing you time, resources and money!

Is this NLP? HYpnose?

Neither! Ethical Persusasion is based on the latest brain science about decision making and which processes trigger decisions. We are talking chemistry, speed, behvioural cognition etc... made usable daily!

(C) Dr. Thomas Trautmann - Happy Brains
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