Never Give Up!

Being a married entrepreneur is one of the most challenging roles you can have! 

You have to keep her happy, keep your family safe and AT THE SAME time be a successful entrepreneur!

Many think it's easy because they never tried it! 

For the ones WHO KNOW, for the ones WHO DARE, for the ones WHO NEVER GIVE UP


Unique ressources for unique men!


higher divorce rate


Entrepreneurs are married when they start


More likely to have a depression

4 Business Murdering Mistakes

Miscommunication with her

Surprisingly after all those years of evolution and expansion human beings still struggle to have proper male/female communication because none paid attention to the brain! This is why you will make this mistake too! Because none told you!

Not Providing

She can be the most independent and motivated woman existing her brain will still expect that you do protect her and her children. 

Lack of clients

Running in circle like a beaded chicken isn't going to help you grow your business. You have to keep your brain focused! Do you know WHO you are and WHY you do what you do? 

Not having recurring clients

Do you have recurring clients? Do you have a tribe of fans? Of clients who will not only buy more from you but also bring you more clients? Time to tackle the decision maker in their brains!


I'm Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Just like you I am a married entrepreneur. Just like you I have a wife who expects me to convert my ideas in positive results and not just "have fun" playing with the family money and my "entrepreneurship" adventures.

You have love your wife/partner, just like I do! The difference between you and I is the time I spent studying the brain, the male and female brains and how these two work together.

After having created the Ethical Persuader System helping anyone and everyone to Get More! ethically driving decision, and the Neuro Couple system to help men and women to enjoy being together using brain science, I merged both to help married male entrepreneurs to keep/save their couple AND their business.

Your smile is my fuel!

Happy Brains - Founder

What's next?

Get the book! It's all about the solutions to avoid the biggest pitfalls that any married male entrepreneur has to face! The communication with the wife/partner and the fact that you have to get more clients! 

The book will teach you how to use the latest brain science, made actionable for you, to get her to admire you and them to buy from you! WIN-WIN!

(C) Dr. Thomas Trautmann - Happy Brains 

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