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Just for us, the men!

YES! I know! Nowadays it’s all about the women and the equality and the parity and what ever other word our dearest politicians may invent to try to show us they care.

But what about us, the men? What about us caring about the women, our women?

What about us married/engaged male entrepreneurs experiencing what is the most important side-effect on our entrepreneurship success or failure? Our relationship with our best half, with our female partner?

Haven’t you ever experienced that moment where she comes and asks you for tangible results?

Have you ever heard her talk about that girlfriend who is just back from a great vacation while you are still stuck home working to generate revenue?

Because you know it! You know that if you stop working there won’t be any revenue. She knows it too but she is tired of waiting!

She is tired of not seing any result, any tangible result? But you know that you will make it tangible soon?

Well that’s the biggest problem you face! You two don’t speak the same language! You don’t even communicate on the same level!

It has nothing to do with her or with you!

The culprits are your brain, and hers!

Female and male brains don’t work the same way and as such don’t drive the same decisions neither the same language.

What seemed nice and poetic when you met is a nightmare to handle now that your life as an entrepreneur is running.

The entrepreneurs’ divorce rate isn’t precisely measured but it is thought that it’s at least 5% higher than usual …. when you know that “usual” is in the 50% range … its scary!

The two main reasons entrepreneurs fail in their couple relationships are :

  • Financial
  • Communication

What if you could persuade ethically your partner, wife to trust you and be with you in this adventure?

What if you could show faster tangible results?

What if you could be acknowledged?

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