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If you find the WHO you get the WHERE

WHO are your clients? How much about them do you know?

As seen in a previous article or video you know that it’s important to work with the type of person you like. Which means, mainly, to know how they behave, how they connect/resonate with you.

That’s a first step, but you are still miles away from being able to persuade these people because the type doesn’t define the who.

Now what you need to do is to define very precisely who that perfect person is, in relation to what you dream to sell! or to market, or the decision you want to drive.

You have to start with the gender, and the age. The more focused you get the more precise your targeting will be.

Let’s say that you want to sell a specific perfume. Designed for men. Ladies don’t complain, usually perfume examples are for women, let me be a bit exotic here.

A specific fragrance works for a specific age range. You may also have defined a more fresh, or warm, or dynamic, or … whatever feeling. A such your product will be targeting, let’s say, strong willed men in their forties.

Let’s go for another example. You run a website development company. And let’s agree that your optimal clients are SMBs. Who is the decision maker going to be? Mainly the CEO or founder. How old is s/he going to be? Is it mainly a she or a he?

Once you get that you have to learn as much as possible. There are nowadays so many tools out there! Try to find their Linkedin profile, or their Facebook one, or … another social network it makes sense for them to be on. Learn as much as possible from your optimal “target” because the next step will require a laser focused investigation.

If your laser points a few degrees away, you will hit another target and sell, persuade less.

Your laser will be used to target the decision maker in their brain. A brain being inside the head of a human being … yes, trust me, most humans have a brain … not all use it it … but, well, that’s not the point. Back to our brain in a head, that head belongs to a person. And that’s the person we want to know.

Because the final objective is to identify the subconscious frustration that will drive them to make the decision to buy from you, or reach the decision you want.

And once you get the WHO you know precisely what they like, look for, read etc.. and you know where they are! We live at a time finding people is so easy!!! You can even get them from your competitors (shot this is a secret only my students get).

To help you I have created a free 5 steps guide. You can download it, for free of course, HERE!

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