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How you can effortlessly adapt the Navy Seals advices to your wake-up routine

[:en]You may have seen these videos or messages about what makes a great leader. Most start with the fact that you should wake up early in the morning and get out, do some exercise.

Either you don’t care about becoming a leader, a super successful one, or you are a normal human being and could never relate to these suggestions.

First of all your brain will believe people who are like you, your brain needs to relate to similarity. 

That’s the way it got wired for thousands of years; it is a matter of survival. You trust your tribe and not the unknown.

In fact, when a former Navy SEAL (see some motivational videos) tells you to start your day at 4:30 in the morning he is right, you will get energized and will have more time just for you. Now raise your hands, those of you who are former Navy SEALS … come on … yep, that’s what I thought, none of you used to be one.

Let me be honest. I tried to wake up at 4:30, in fact 5:00. Yes, I already started to cheat. But I am a guy with a life just like yours. Here is the deal: I work a lot because I have a family to support, have 5 kids (2 students and 3 little ones), rent a house, must take care of the pets, run the usual house errands, take and pick kids from school, some social life too etc. Just like you, I think that 24 hours in a day is a bit short. And, just like you, I need my 6 to 8 hours of sleep to have my brain rest.

Question is: are we doomed?

Are we, the “normal” people, desperately locked prisoners of that Desperation Black Hole regarding a possible bright and healthy life? 

Are our brains slowly losing power because of lack of oxygen?


You could try something I have started to implement for myself, a “normal” working dad. Considering that the peaceful part of the day starts for us, at home, around 21:00 once the kids are in bed and that we still need sleep I have targeted an “early” wake-up at 6:00.

1-   Don’t jump out of the bed at your new early–morning wake-up time. Enjoy your warm sheets, rested body and your fresh mind for 15 to 20 minutes. Let your thoughts run wild, and smile, your brain will enjoy a little shot of endorphins.

2-   While everything is still quiet get up, dress in your sports clothes.

3-   Don’t read your emails! Remember this is YOUR time.

4-   Start whatever physical activity you enjoy. You must do it to re-oxygenate your brain. I have 30 mins. Not enough to go for a run, neither to hit the gym. I became a burpee addict.

5-   You can now start your “normal” person day.

6-   Yes, you can read your emails now!

As you can see this allows you to still stay a bit longer in bed, starting your brain slowly and peacefully, then start your body while accelerating the brain activity.

This small routine is easy to get used to and will get you a surprisingly nice positive and happy feeling to start the day.

Try it!

Tell me how it goes.