How YOU can Get More!

You have always heard that the ones getting richer, a better job title, a higher salary, a nicer life, a great family are the ones "brown-nosing", being manipulative etc...! But you never could get away from being a nice and honest person. Because that's who you are and being honest is one of your values, even a family one. 

Time to change the situation and GET MORE without being called a liar,

without being seen as manipulative, without losing your honesty!

How is this possible? 

The answer is simple : Brain Science!

Use the latest knowledge about the brain and decision making to become the Ethical Persuader:

Drive the decisions you want while they make the Decisions they need!







Ethical Persuasion is Best For

Beginner Entrepreneurs

When you start your own business you expect freedom, reputation and of course to grow while being happy. This implies that you get more and more clients who'll trust you and come back. How can you become the one and only they want to buy from, work with? It's all about how you get into the decision maker in their brain.

Bored Managers

There is a always that guy who works way less harder than you but who gets all the promotions because he knows how to "brown-nose" the top management. Enough! Now is the time you need to take control and show them who you are! How? Dive in the depths of their brains and become the ONE they need!

Busy professionals

Fighting to persuade people is exhausting and requires time and energy when you keep doing it the way you have always done. What if you could get the right decision from your audience in 11 seconds? Wouldn't that change your life? It works for your professional life but also for your personal one!

How It Works


Find the Decision Maker as a person and in the Brain.


Identify the Subconscious Frustrations driving the decisions you want.


Connect and communicate with the Decision Maker.


Do all that in 7 seconds as if you were talking to a 2 year old child.

Sounds difficult? Impossible? Too complex? No worries the heavy lifting has been done for you and every Decision Making Brain Science has been converted FOR YOU into a simple 7 steps system: THE ETHICAL PERSUADER SYSTEM.

Get More!

The whole Ethical Persuader System for you to Get More has been compiled and made easy in a book: "Get More! The first and only book that tells You how to Ethically Drive people to make the decisions You want!"

No need to become a brain scientist nor to waste time doing some research on the web. No need to pay for some "automated system" ... that will never work. Grab your copy and start acting for your success, happiness. 

To help you Get More! You can use the following resources 

Free Webinar

Understanding how the human brain makes decisions is what will help you get ahead of the competition and shine. Here is a webinar that you can watch if you have no time to read a book. 

Grow More Customers in 5 Steps

Did you know that 60% of your market couldn't care less about you and may never buy from you or work with you. Most people will run after these 60% who may buy from you or work with you but will be the worst ever just like "tire kickers". The good news is the there are still 38% left who aren't in the urge to get something from you but who will follow what the 2% left will say. Those 2% are your dream customers. Lear how to find them in 5 steps with this free eBook.

Get More in 11 Seconds

Science demonstrated in 2021 that it takes the human brain 11 seconds to reach a decision when you are directly in touch with the decision maker in that same brain. The decision is made in 11 seconds! It may take longer to rationalise it ... you know, the "yes I made a wise decision" moment in your brain, but the decision has been made. You want it to be the one you want!

This works for your clients, customers as well as wife and friends! Learn to reach the decision maker in 11 seconds with this free eBook.

4 Business Murdering Mistakes

Did you know that married entrepreneurs have a higher divorce rate than men with a "normal" job? And that 80% of the break-ups will be initiated by their wives?

That may sound ok at first but the couple situation also impacts the business of any entrepreneur! Which means that if you do one of the 4 business murdering mistakes you will lose both the wife and the business, not even mentioning the fact that your reputation will sink! 

This book has been written by a married entrepreneur who used brain science to avoid these 4 mistakes and stay happily married and grow his business. He tells you all the tips and tricks using the Ethical Persuader system.

Get More Strength

What has this to do with persuasion? With getting more business, more clients? Don't worry it has nothing to do with you body, with exercising etc. Even though this is important you still need to get your brain in the right track. One major problem for any entrepreneur in a dire situation is the need to go look at other pastures, see if doing something else, expanding the offer will work better. The more you do that the more confusion your potential customers/clients will have, the more they will run away from you.

You have to know WHO you are and WHY you do what you do! That's the most important strength you need to grow. Learn how in this free book.



I was lucky to attend Attention-London conference by emarketer to meet one of the best featured speakers Dr Thomas Trautmann.Through his awesome presentation, and his charismatic presence on stage, Thomas perfectly connected with the audience, captured their attention and convinced them to apply this scientifically proven approach in sales and marketing.

Carole. H.

Event Manager

I recently had the pleasure of working with Thomas. He was the keynote speaker at a large scale event that I was producing. I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and I would certainly recommend Thomas in this capacity.

Andy. V.

Data Planner

Forget everything you know or think you know about your listening skills, attention to another or relationship (professional and personal). The meeting with Thomas and his Persuasion expertise, following one of his publications (and a very good intuition), marked my approach to listen, and literally embrace the issues of other speakers. It is not at all a matter of "take control" or manipulate others.

Maud. F.


I strongly advise you to use Thomas' coaching to help you grow your business! His explanations are clear, precise and often made tangible through examples helping us to better understand towards which strategy we should go. His knowledge of NeuroMarketing - the Science of Persuasion - is also very helpful when looking to attract more clients and grow your revenue on the Internet. Thomas adapts to your business and your needs, offering you a personalised coaching. I am using his teaching daily and can see the positive results! I strongly advise you to get in touch with him!

Maéva. M.

How to Get More and become The Ethical Persuader


The Books
  • Listed above you have access to the free books and the one teaching the Whole Ethical Persuader System.
  • No need to be a brain scientist, all the heavy lifting has been made for you.
  • Each book offers practical exercises you can follow to grow your Ethical Persuasion skills.

6 Books

7 Steps to Get More!


The Online Training
  • The whole Ethical Persuader System is available as an online training that you can follow at your own pace.
  • You can also get a personalised online training "face2face" to help you Get More faster!
  • Online training is also available for a whole team.

20 Lessons

Individual or Team


The Workshops
  • The ultimate way to become The Ethical Persuader is to live the experience and share it.
  • Entirely focused on your teal and business.
  • You will build Your Ethical Persuasion as well as the tools to implement in your business.

1, 2 or 3 days

Teams up to 20 People


Ethical Persuasion allows you to Get More in your couple too! This is really important for Male Married Entrepreneurs as there are two Pitfalls you will face. If you don't have the right tools to avoid or get out of them then you are in trouble and there is a real chance you will either lose your wife, your company or both!

Learn more about the pitfalls and how Ethical Persuasion can help you become a loved and admired entrepreneur while your success grows with your customer list. If you are tired of endless arguments about you making crazy or stupid decisions. If you don't want to break-up then click the button!

Your Ethical Persuasion Skills to Get More!

Based on the latest neuro-scientific research your Ethical Persuasion will provide you with the tools you need daily in your professional and personal life. This isn't about manipulation but about the true understanding of how influencing others by using ethical persuasion works. The Ethical Persuader System is following a simple structure to help YOU perform better and enjoy more smiles.

What will you learn?

  • The Brain at work. 90% of the latest knowledge on the brain is not older than 10 years. But the brain is a very old device and nowadays behaviours and decision processes are driven by its evolution - that stoped ... 100.000 years ago! Learn how the brain really works and how you can use that knowledge for great influence and ethical persuasion.
  • Your Target, Your Why. Want to influence? But do you really know who you have to influence? Learn how to dive as deep as the subconscious and to define with the highest precision your audience. You'll then learn to get attractive to the brain by telling the story of your Why. Don't do that and you'll be just one more out there who the brain doesn't care about!
  • Your Influence Tools. What is a great strategy without the right techniques? A waste of time! This is why the Ethical Persuder Systems provides you with the real effective tools you really need daily! From presentation skills at work to private couple relationships, through marketing and sales.

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Why the Ethical Persuader

 Featured on:

Happy Brains was born from one word: "Humanity"! While NeuroMarketing is the new way to develop content that is focused towards the brain for marketing, sales and strategy it still lacks ... humanity. Any NeuroMarketing training will teach you enough to grow your company's result by two digits ... but what's in it for you? 

That's how the Ethical Persuader was born! Help people, YOU to use the latest brain science when it comes to decision making to Get More! Without being manipulative and get a bad reputation.

  • It's about your brain being happy again!
  • It's about you being human again.
  • It's about growing your business.
  • It's about growing your humanity.


I'm Dr. Thomas Trautmann Ph.D.

Your smile is my fuel!

Providing you unique content and services to help you grow your success and access the happiness you deserve is my objective.

From NeuroMarketing - the Science of Influence - Certified Instructor to the Neuro Couple and Ethical Persuader systems Founder and author I love to help people to have more fun. What you'll learn isn't just some stuff pulled out of books, it's based on my experience too as an engineer, a scientist, a marketer, sales guy as well as a manager, CMO and company founder. I have worked for small companies like SalesBrain, Turk duotec, iHoos, Memory Space Corporation, as well as large ones like IBM, HP, AOL, Bosch, Steelcase. But deep inside of me, for as log as I can remember were two driving forces : a passion for the brain and the need to become an entrepreneur.

Ethical Persuasion starts in the brain and can be used both in your professional and personal life. Once you know how it works you will drastically increase your Professional Influence, your Personal Influence, your Perfect Influence and get more recurring clients, more fun, more love, more ... MORE!

Happy Brains FOUNDER

Frequently asked questions


Is Ethical Persuasion manipulation?

Of course not, as Ethical Persuasion only works if you help the brain to get what it wants. Manipulation is about forcing a decision. Persuasion is about helping a decision by removing a subconscious frustration inflicting pain on the brain.

Will people notice that I try to influence them with Ethical Persuasion?

If you try to go against the decision maker and the subconscious needs of the brain (like most do) you will get a negative reply as the brain will notice it. Ethical Persuasion is about helping the other person's brain! It will love you for that!

Is it as dangerous as NeuroMarketing?

People saying that NeuroMarketing is dangerous are the same who will say that a computer is dangerous. Most people will use it normally. But when you smash it in someone's face it gets dangerous. NeuroMarketing is mostly used wisely in order to create marketing, sales and strategies that focus on the brain, as such on the human being and no more the "product". Ethical Persuasion takes the neuroscience to the humanity level. There is no danger in loving people and helping them. It's a win-win!


Why use Influence and Ethical Persuasion at all?

To make life easier! If you keep being rational you won't connect with the decision maker in the brain and will have to give more than you want (rebate, time, ...). When you become The Ethical Persuader you genuinely want to help the other brain to feel better. It will reward you!

Does this work in my private life?

Yes! That's why you will get more than just some Persuasion Strategies and Techniques for your business or your private life. All you learn can be used in both. You can even use it in your couple by implementing the Neuro Couple System!

Does Ethical Persuasion work in any culture, country?

The way the brain makes a decision is the same worldwide. But the way you will communicate with it is biased by gender, culture and evolution.Finding what triggers the decision will use the Ethical Persuader's process, which you can then fine tune to your local culture.

About orders

Is this expensive?

The sky is the limit! But the pricing you'll get is tailored to your needs! For your private life Neuro Couple is adapted to individuals and not companies.

Is it only for major companies?

The Ethical Persuader System is designed to be used by individuals in their personal and professional life. Which means that anyone can benefit from it. From the individual looking to Get More! to the manager willing to help the team grow, not forgetting the entrepreneurs in the need to grow fast! 

As such the various ways to access the Ethical Persuader System are tailored to everyone's needs. From books, to online trainings up to the ultimate workshops and personalised coaching.

How can I pay?

Most of the Ethical Persuader System products and services can be paid online by credit/debit card or PayPal. When it comes to workshops pr coaching you can also use wire transfer. There will be a way to pay in crypto soon.

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