"You are a failure ... a failure .... a failure .... for the past years all your decisions have been crap and put us in danger ... the only one saving us is my dad thanks to his money ... you just dream and never act ... you show me what you do but I see no money ... I am tired of this and will leave...I don't think you get it ... I am really thinking about leaving ... you will see the kids every two weeks ... even they say that we are poor ... I don't trust you anymore ... you are a failure ...."


Then read what follows...

Get More! Freedom from Her

Get More! Trust from Her

Get more! Clients

Get More! Success

As a Married Entrepreneur

You are in Danger

Your business is in Danger

Your couple is in Danger!

Married entrepreneurs have a 10% higher divorce rate than men with a "normal job".

More than 80% of the break-ups are initiated by the wife!

Why is that? Because what successful entrepreneurs, gurus etc... will never tell you is that there are TWO MAJOR PITFALLS that every married entrepreneur will have to face : his wife and his clients!

Why are these pitfalls when in fact these should be the reasons to your success? Because miscommunication with your wife is going to start her losing trust in you, female brains being driven by emotion this is very dangerous! She will lock you out (have a look at your intimate life ...). Miscommunication isn't about not telling her the truth but more about not sending the right signals to her brain ... At the same time a lack of customers, worse .. lack of recurring customers, is stopping you to grow fast enough, killing your ressources and her ... losing even more trust.

The culprit? THE BRAIN! Yours, hers, theirs!

She doesn't care about the latest great change you did to your website, she doesn't care about the recent call or meet you had with a client and your great strategy! All this is rational ... her brain needs to be calmed down at the primal, subconscious level! 

Your clients couldn't care less about your products! Their brains need you to show them you care about how and why they make a decision: this is connected to their very personal subconscious frustrations.

For the first time, because you are a Married Entrepreneur, you get access to all the NeuroCouple and Ethical Persuader System trainings, 40 days of daily lessons and regular Q&A sessions! Pure brain science, based on the latest research on persuasion, male to female communication, made usable for you to Get More!

Save yourself and your business in 40 days!

Time for YOU to Get More! Using Brain Science!

Get her to trust you and let you work because you will know how to get her brain to calm down while you will have the tools to Get More! business. Prove her and everyone wrong!


Every week you will get 5 lessons and 1 Q1A live session to discuss with the trainer and all other entrepreneurs. You will not be left alone!


Over the training you will be able to start practicing and using the techniques that you will learn and start to see the results.


You will get access to 40 lessons where I tell you all about the brain and the decision process. Science made usable for you to Get More!


You will get access to a private group only open to the married entrepreneurs, allowing you to share your successes and failures and have everyone help you.

Short lessons

Being a Married Entrepreneur requires a lot of energy and time. That's why the 40 training lessons have been designed to be short and to the point to teach you new expertise while saving your precious time.

Permanent access

Once a lesson is online it will stay. You can access your lessons and repeat them at your own pace! No need to stop an important meeting or a quality time with the lady.

Your Online Training

In this special training compiled only for Male Married Entrepreneurs you will get access to the latest decision making brain science applied to your business as well as your couple. It's a 40 DAYS training made of :

- 3 modules on how to Get More! with perfect Wife Communication.

- 13 modules of the NeuroCouple training to Get More! from your couple.

- 22 modules of the Get More! Ethical Persuader training.

- 2 modules to Get More! with Public Speaking.

There will also be a live weekly Q&A session.

From now on Married Entrepreneurs will have full access to the brain of their wife and clients to Get More!

Your Training Overview


  • Learn how male to female communication works and how the brain is in fact driving your success or going to doom your relationship.
  • Become the ultimate Woman Whisperer
  • Use the latest brain science about female and male relationships to Get More!

2 Topics

12 Lessons


Ethical Persuasion
  • Lear how the human brain makes decisions and how to drive these.
  • Discover how this will help you convert buyers into raving fans bringing even more business.
  • See how powerful your brain is when you use it to drive the decisions you want to Get More! while they make the decisions they need.

1 Topic

22 Lessons


Public Speaking
  • Did you know that you suffer from Glossophobia? The fear of speaking in Public like most do? Get rid of it.
  • Learn how to be the most persuasive person when speaking in public ... to starts with your Wife!
  • Learn how to design brain impactful presentations to Get More!

1 Topic

2 Lessons

Get started now!

Get More! From your wife and clients! 

Your Bonus

As I can't let you keep struggling you will get for free as a trainee the following eBooks. Reading is part of the learning curve for any entrepreneur. 

Here you will learn and practice the 5 steps you need to get into the brain of your Clients to Get More!

Being an Entrepreneur requires focus and being in control. Many times you will run towards new ideas expecting to finally make money and save your couple. Don't! Learn why in this book.

Let's be honest ... 80% of all XXXX websites visits are from men. Doing this is burning your focus and energy. Learn to lose this bad habit and re-focus!

Learn a few techniques to have a better reading at her and their body language to know what the decision maker in the brains is thinking.

You will automatically become a member of the Kangal Entrepreneurs Circle. This is a special group of Entrepreneurs who, just like the Kangal - the dog with the most powerful bite in the canine world, never let go and never give up!

Your Price

Usually these trainings are sold for € 297 each. For you, as a married entrepreneur you will get access to the 40 days of online training and Live Q&A session for €27 !!! Why? Because I am tired of talking to guys who either had to give up their business or their couple/family because they wanted to be an entrepreneur. Because as a married entrepreneur myself I know how hard it is to free some money for a training. I know how much she will complain that you paid AGAIN for some useless training costing hundreds, one more of your "stupid" decisions .... ENOUGH guys! For less than a family menu at McDonalds you will Get More!


40 Days of Online training including : 3 modules on How to Communicate with Your Wife, 13 Modules on how to use the Brain to Get More! from Your Couple and 22 modules on how to Get More! The Ethical Persuader and as a bonus 2 modules on Speaking in Public. Plus the 4 free eBooks.

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Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing training, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. You can keep the free books of course and there won't be any hard feelings!


The first thing you as a Married Entrepreneur should do is to share this opportunity with your fellow married entrepreneurs because we all need to stick together!

Your Frequently asked questions

Will this work for my specific business?

Yes it does work for any business type and even for your personal life. For example I can get rental car upgrades for free ethically being an Ethical Persuader.

Will this kill the competition?

Competition is good for you because you will use it to create one of the key ingredients towards your success: contrast! While the other guys stick to manipulation and rational selling you will overtake them and become the only option in the clients' brains! 

Will this work in the next minutes?

No and if anyone told you that you are going to save your couple and business in a couple of minutes due to some magic "automatic" system they lied to you! Being a Married Entrepreneur requires work and dedication! Once the Kangal Entrepreneurs will survive!

Will she stop being aggressive?

She will as soon as that primal of her brain feels it's safe again! The first step being to understand it and communicate with it ... and it has nothing to do with long explanations and solutions from your side ... 

Will she notice that I am being manipulative?

She won't because you aren't going to learn to be manipulative! You will become the Ethical Persuader! Whet you will learn holds a lot of power but only works if you stick to being ethical! Doesn't it feel good?

Your Freedom, Happiness and Success will start when you take action to Get More!

(C) Dr. Thomas Trautmann - Happy Brains

PS: Still reading? That's dedication! As you made it down this page let me tell you one thing: I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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