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You were so close to learn how to Get More! Are you so scared of your wife that you prefer not use €27 in this training? Or do you prefer to repeat the same mistakes again and again until she leaves or your entrepreneurship sinks? I know these are harsh words.But I sincerely don't want you to fail! You are an entrepreneur, this is a real special mind set and skills set! Not everyone can become and entrepreneur and even less can join the Kangal Entrepreneur Circle. 

Become the Wife WHISPERER

Being able to talk directly to her primal brain will help you get her to understand subconsciously that you are a winner and that she can trust you.

Become the Ethical Persuader

Learn how to drive the decisions you want from your clients while they make the decision they need. That's the most ethical way to Get More!

Become the SPeaker

Public speaking and great presentations come together and are a requirement for any entrepreneur. Use your brain to be persuasive and win them over.

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About The Course Teacher, Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Having started his career as an engineer and scientist (Ph.D on Artificial Neural Networks) Thomas moved from project management to marketing in various companies like HP, AOL or Steelcase before founding his first company with his wife. He also got certified as a NeuroMarketing instructor, founding some more companies before creating and expanding the NeuroCouple and Ethical Persuader Systems.

Your smile is he's fuel, the more you learn, the more you smile, the more you grow together.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor


I strongly advise you to use Thomas' coaching to help you grow your business! His explanations are clear, precise and often made tangible through examples helping us to better understand towards which strategy we should go. His knowledge of NeuroMarketing - the Science of Persuasion - is also very helpful when looking to attract more clients and grow your revenue on the Internet. Thomas adapts to your business and your needs, offering you a personalised coaching. I am using his teaching daily and can see the positive results! I strongly advise you to get in touch with him!

Maéva. M.


I was lucky to attend Attention-London conference by emarketer to meet one of the best featured speakers Dr Thomas Trautmann.Through his awesome presentation, and his charismatic presence on stage, Thomas perfectly connected with the audience, captured their attention and convinced them to apply this scientifically proven approach in sales and marketing.

Carole. H.

Event Manager

I recently had the pleasure of working with Thomas. He was the keynote speaker at a large scale event that I was producing. I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and I would certainly recommend Thomas in this capacity.

Andy. V.

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