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EXPOSED : the 5 steps successful married entrepreneurs don't want you to know!

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What’s Inside the Book?

Where to find Your Dream Clients

Sounds obvious? Surprisingly many entrepreneurs create a product or service and only then think to whom to sell it. Learn to find with your dream clients.

Become Unique

There is no market without competition. Did you know that your dream client's brain only reacts to contrast, to you being unique? Learn how!

Talk to the Decision Maker

Not to your wife! But to their decision maker: the part of their brain that will make the decision to buy from you!

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Why should you read this FREE work book?

If you want to get more recurring clients and stop running like a hamster in wheel then you need to read this letter today!

Now, you are for sure thinking that this is just one more boring sales thing. Why should you bother? SIMPLE! Because this is the first and only you will read that is using the latest brain science compiled for you in actionable tips and tricks!

Of course if you think you are the closing king or the expert in people's decisions manipulation this isn't meant for you.

But if you do have ethics, if you genuinly care about people and if you think that your clients are the key to your success then you should keep reading.

This short swipe file is FREE because I think you need something you can use NOW and start seeing results FAST. Why would I share such content for free? Simple, I care about you just like you care about your own clients.

Here is what you will learn in this 12 pages swipe file:

- Where to find your clients - Page 3

How to dig deeper and connect your offer to your dream clients - Page 4

How to be seen as unique even in a competition packed market - Page 5

Can you influence with ethics? Identify your clients' avatar - Page 7

What you should never do save your margin - Page 9

Say goodbye to manipulation and discover the decision maker in the brain - Page 9

How to identify the subconscious decision drivers and classify them - Page 10

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Trautmann

The Ethical Persuader. Entrepreneur and Husband, father of 3 Thomas knows all about the pain any married entrepreneur can experience when it comes to keeping the wife happy and growing the business. Thanks to his past as a Scientist, Marketer and Entrepreneur he got certified as a NeuroMarketing instructor and created the Neuro Couple and Ethical Persuader Systems, both converting brain science into usable techniques for the couple and the Entrepreneur.

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