How to Get More!

Without Being Called "Manipulative" 

Inject some Brain Science into your Toolkit

What makes this book different?

This is the first and only book you will read that uses the latest Neuro science compiled

 in a truly actionable & understandable way with practical tips and tools

Not only is it super interesting, this stuff really works!

Whether you are at the top of your game or need some improvements,

injecting some neuroscience into your thinking and your approach - is a real Game Changer

It really will change your perceptions and approaches for the better.

The Ethical Persuader - Get More!

For the first time, you will be able to have the knowledge, insights and tools 

that I’ve spent years studying, researching and carefully curating

The science, methods and its real life applications have been carefully curated so you can start changing your life today.  

In the book, you will

discover a 

7 step system that will help you Get More! 

Backed by brain science, converted in usable and actionable techniques & strategies, you now have the power to Get More.

Whether you are in Sales, Marketing, PR, Operations, Digital, Creative, R&D… working for someone else’s company or your own…

this is the book that will change the game for you forever.

Get to know and tap into the power of the primal brain.  

Every decision is driven by the fact that we are all looking for a solution to a subconscious frustration

and you will be able to find & solve for that frustration.

You will be able to go down to the most human level and stop “selling”,

creating emotional relationships and triggers that make your customers/your audience, feel something

Eliminate manipulation and drive the decisions you want while your customers make the decision they need! 

Communicate directly with the decision maker in the brain

The Brain uses 25% of all the body’s energy behind the stomach which uses the most.

So it is going to try to conserve energy and make the easiest decision.

Discover how to optimise that decision process to your advantage!

Brains like images. The Brain uses stories and metaphors to memorise information.

You will, from now on, always tell impactful stories with your content and videos

Personal stories are 65% of what we all talk about in a day. Create the ones that drive the decision process for your customer

and build a tribe of fans who want to buy more and tell more people about that experience!

Use a bit of science to be better at whatever you do or want to do.  

Geeky has never been so sheik!

The book teaches you the 7 steps of the

Ethical Persuader System:

#1 - The Optimal Client Strategy

60% of your market doesn't care about you. 60% will never buy from you, and, if they do, they will kill your margin! Target the right % who need you now, and who will make the decision to buy from you in less than11 seconds.

#2 - The Ethical Persuasion Fomula

Eliminate manipulation and dishonesty and use Science to your benefit.  Drive the decisions you want while your customers make the decision they need!

#3 - The "WHY" Creator

Learn how to drive your targets’  brains to connect with what you want them to.

#4 - The Tribe Builder 

Human beings are hard wired to live in tribes. We couldn't have survived as long as we have without this societal structure. Our brains are wired to follow the one we see as the leader. Discover how you can become a true leader, and get more as the most successful brands have done.

#5 - The Brain Friendly Speaker 

Most of us are afraid or nervous to speak in front of people. No worries, I got you covered here.  You will learn how to lose that fear,  using science, and become a great speaker. From a video conference to an in person meeting – No sweat. You’ve got this now!

#6 - The Primal Selling

The only way to sell more - and save, or even increase your margins, is to stop acting rationally! Crazy, but true.   When you use the Primal Selling Technique you will sell more and increase your margins. 

#7 - The Value Ladder Strategy

Create offers that will strategically drive your customers’ brains to want more from you while making more money!

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