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Do you still have a vision? Do you still want to change the world?

[:en]I had the idea to write this article for quite some time now, after having visited again (can’t wait to go back there) the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Those who already visited it will agree with me that this place is just unique and gives you goose bumps. For those who haven’t, make sure you put it on your “things to do before I die” list.

The whole thing started centuries ago. One man, in love with mathematics and geometry (engineers should visit the exhibition underneath the Sagrada Familia to learn more about the shapes used)Antoni Gaudi had a vision about how a place like that should look like. A pure vision, pure genius.

Imagine how hard it was for him to push his “crazy” ideas forward in a world of classic thinking, a world full of naysayers, a world full of people who prefer to stay where they are than move forward. I am sure you can transpose this to yourself dear reader.

You for sure have had or still have, I hope, ideas, visions on how you would make the world a better place to live.

It doesn’t need to start with a revolution in global mobility or communication. It can of course, and luckily there are people like Musk, Jobs and many more nowadays to do that. But anyone of us can have a vision and fight for it.

It can be raising your kids in a way they become good people (this may be among the hardest visions one can have, do you agree?), it can be making sure that people around you are happy. No need for money, just try to smile to people, hug them (well may be not in our over polite and frigid European cultures), say “Hello” with a joyful voice when you get some place.

That may sound over simplistic for a vision, having a lack of “grandeur” but think about it. Do you do it?

Do you even try to have a simple vision?

Now is the moment while reading this where you say “Ok, Thomas, and you, do you have a vision?” Sure I do and I fight for it, I have even more than one. First of all, I want my children to become good people, people who will make others happy. Then, I have the vision that, by using the ever growing knowledge about the brain, I can help people enjoy their jobs and be more focused towards the clients. I’d like also to use that knowledge to teach people how to enjoy their relationships and succeed in one of the more complex adventures of our lives (that I already screwed-up once, believe me): live in love with someone for a very long time.

Now it’s your turn. Remember the young you. Remember your dreams as a kid … weren’t those visions? You may have dreamt to become an astronaut, to stop wars, save animals. Where are these visions now? You may have hidden parts of these in your memory. Isn’t there a chance you could dig these treasures out?

Let’s make a deal!

I told you my visions, tell me yours![:]

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