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Dear Male Entrepreneur!
What if You could communicate with your wife and get her to acknowledge your business?

If you want to get her to listen to you and acknowledge you and your business without getting her angry this is the most important letter you will ever read!

Just to be very clear: this is not for the ones who like to manipulate their wife, nor for the ones happy to ignore her.

This is for the male entrepreneurs who understand that the real power behind their success is their couple!

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Today, A Newly Released Training has arrived - which includes:

  • How to use male and female brain differences to connect with her again, 
  • How to learn male and female language differences and communicate again., 
  • How to handle a fight at the brain level to win faster.

A Comprehensive Training for Getting Acknowledged by your wife/gf again!

Dear male Entrepreneur,

Do you want to get your wife/gf to stop criticising your decisions?

Would you like to know how I get my wife to let me grow my business?


  • No More being perceived as loser!
  • No More Hoping that she may finally understand your explanation once again!

Today is YOUR day.

Here’s the best part…

When you get my How to Communicate with Her training you could get two Massive Results:

  •   Your will have even more entrepreneurship freedom!
  •   You will be a couple, a team again!

When I started my first company I didn't understand what was at stake.

Because I didn’t know that my couple was the key to my success as an entrepreneur.

Nowadays I place the focus on Her and she helps me grow.

Do you know how I manage to get my wife to acknowledge me?

By Using Male to Female Brain Communication!

But none of this is possible if you don’t have a a clear understanding of how the male and female brains differ.

You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to get her to listen to you and agree with you and finally decide to support you.

This is how…

You need 3 simple STEPS To Succeed in Communicating with her:

Step #1
How to Manage the Brain Differences

Your brain is different from hers thanks to the human species evolution. Because of these tiny differences men and women have been struggling with their relationships for ages. When you know precisely what these differences are you can better understand her and manage your expectations.


Why are you and her different. It all comes down to the last 100.000 years during which the evolution of human brains has stopped! The male and female humans had very specific roles that haven't changed. Learn what this implies to you and how to survive.


Her Brain connectivity. Sounds like bad science fiction? For your everyday life it is just "bad"! Because female brains run different processes! You will learn how and what to do to handle these for better persuasion.


The 6th sense. You think she can read trough you and that this goes against your entrepreneurship? In fact she can read more body language than you. Learn to control yours to keep sending the messages you need to persuade her.

Step #2
Why Talking Like a Woman Works

For perfect communication it's known that you have to talk the same language, especially if you want your partner to understand and agree with you. Unfortunately male and female brains don't handle language in the same way. Not even in the same brain areas!


How is language managed. As your brains (yours and hers) haven't evolved over the past 100.000 years they still run the same processes required for survival. And as male and female humans didn't have the same "function", language had a different signification. Learn the differences and succeed in persuading her.


Words and Survival. Nowadays words start the same fight/flight process as it happened thousands of years ago when you got attacked by a wild animal! And this is the worst that can happen to an entrepreneur, to be sucked into an argument with is wife/gf! Learn to manage your words and stop fights!


Hers not yours. To persuade anyone the first thing do to when you use language ... is to use HER language, her words, her thinking. No, you haven't managed that yet or you wouldn't read this. Time to learn female communication.

Step #3
How Handle Fights Successfully

This is all about learning to control yourself when a fight starts. You, the homo-sapiens-sapiens, the conscious part of yourself, the smart entrepreneur, have to get hold of the primal beast inside of your head! Because that primal brain is your worst enemy when she starts an argument!


Identify. When you know what words trigger your fight/flight process you can quickly take control over your primal brain, before the words that will hurt her come out of your mouth. When you control that she will love you for keeping things level.


The bad cocktail. Your primal brain, the one that will fight, is geared for survival. It is the best drug dealer ever! When a fights starts it will pump you with agressive drugs! Learn to get the control over these!


Survival guide. No weapon here! Only a white flag ... that your brain doesn't have! Survive arguments and fights! This is the survival guide phase.

Yes, this is a lot of usable brain science as you get to learn how to:

- Have even more entrepreneurship freedom.

- Have more Brain space for more creativity.

- Become a team with her, again.

Is there a more enjoyable moment in your entrepreneur life than getting acknowledged and supported by your wife?

I don't believe there is, but I do believe in You.

I believe it's your time.

I believe this program isn't just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.

Because the cost of divorcing or breaking-up is too great for some people to even stomach.

You have an opportunity right here right now today to take advantage of this One Time Offer. 

You will never see this offer Again.


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Thomas Trautmann

For Less than a Night Out For Dinner You Can:

- Get her to agree with you

- Be seen as a hero again

- Save your relationship

- Have more time to focus on your business

- Stop endless fights and stressful days of frustration

All this in a video training course made of three modules that you can watch at your convenience. 

You will NEVER See this offer again so be sure to grab it NOW!

The Ultimate Cost Of Inaction

Don't let the cost set in, make the investment in

How to communicate with your wife/gf as an Entrepreneur TODAY.

I do guarantee a COI, The Cost of Inaction.

If you don't take action it could cost you:

  • A Fortune: because a divorce will cost you your couple and your business.
  • Your Health: as keeping fighting and getting closer to divorce will keep you under stress and pressure.
  • Impact: you will just be seen as one more loser.
  • Your Reputation: who will trust a guy who can't even save his couple from his crazy entrepreneurship ideas?
  • Role Model: your kids, your friends will laugh at you or definitely avoid the path you are on.

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