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To date there are more than 180 identified cognitive biases making sure your life is a misery! Why? Because your brain, the human brain stopped evolving 100.000 years ago and still runs the same processes! Learn to identify and use these Cognitive Biases to your advantage to Get More!

Brains & Biases

You can avoid these cognitive biases and don't even consciously know they are running in your brain. Why do you prefer to buy something now, consciously knowing it will be cheaper in a few mont? This is teh result of the Loss Aversion Bias. Get the book and learn morei


What has this to do with the Swedish brand? Never hear of the Ikea Bias? The one making you think everything done by you is worth more that if it was done wy a pro? Yeah! That's your brain playing with you again. Get More! by learning how to control your biases.

Brain and Culture

Where ever you live in the world you have those cognitive biases and to make things even worse the way you handle them depends on your culture, education, and many other factors. 

Time to get the free book and learn more about your cognitive biases.

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