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The worst ever marketing fails from smartphone brands

“Nobody is perfect” and there are some delicious bad marketing moments in businesses. Smartphone manufacturers are no stranger to questionable marketing tactics. Some of these practices are so iffy that we were able to make a list of ones to look out for earlier this year. Nevertheless, there are questionable practices and then there are downright bad public relations blunders. We thought it would be a fun idea to round up some of the worst […]

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Make the Most of Your Content Marketing Budget with These 44 Tips | Databox Blog

Great article about your content! Yes I used that nasty word : “content” which means that you have to put some time and effort into it. Not fully automatisable! Sorry! Bit the value of content is huge!  Content is easy to create when you know what to tell and the best story to tell comes from your WHY as exposed in the Ethical Persuasion Formula you can find here : https://www.happy-brains.com/epbook. I’ll get straight to […]

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Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Well, Corona Virus did some good at some point as it pushed many businesses towards more digital activities. This helps reinvention and make things for customer centric, more brain centric. Don’t think that because you are being “digital” makes you the new “kid on the bloc”, you have to follow Ethical Persuasion everywhere, even in your digital marketing as you can learn in this webinar : https://ww.happy-brains.com/webinarpst With advanced software development, AI has become more […]

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6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

A key element of persuasion is based on the 6 rules of influence presented by Robert Cialdini. One of these, as I recently talked about in a video on Linkedin, is called “Authority”. People will not make the decision to listen to your brand, to you if you don’t show as an authority!  Learn more in the webinar : https://www.happy-brains.com/webinarpst Becoming an authoritative brand is no easy feat, but the massive benefits are worth the […]

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When change is a must : BMW Launches Bizarre Marketing Campaign To Defend Its Ugly Car

Change the most hated thing to do by your brain! Going for change is a decision your brain will avoid at any cost, it’s also something you have to cope with when you drive decisions, any decision. Learn more here : https://www.happy-brains.com/webinarpst. The 2022 BMW iX, like many recent big-grilled automobiles from the Bavarian automaker, has drawn torrents of criticism for its polarizing styling. But instead of just letting the complaints slide, BMW is defending […]

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