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What Is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is a promise. One given from business to customer to expect certain things. Whether that promise involves product quality, service, price or a million other things varies from brand to brand. But the one thing common among all brands is the need to be a strong brand.

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What Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasion – Conor Neill

What Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasion Imagine you are one of the world’s greatest violin players, and you decide to conduct an experiment: play inside a subway station and see if anyone stops to appreciate when you are stripped of a concert hall and name recognition. Joshua Bell did this, and Conor Neill channels Aristotle to understand why the context mattered. Learn more about Ethical Persuasion in “The Ethical Persuader – […]

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Free Speech For People Exposes Fraudulent Marketing Practices by Nation’s Largest Voting System Vendor, Spurring Rebuke by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission – Free Speech For People

The U. S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) censured the nation’s largest voting machine manufacturer Election Systems & Software (ES&S) for falsely advertising its voting machines with wireless modems as federally certified by the EAC. None of the ES&S systems with wireless modems have passed federal certification. The issue was brought to the attention of the EAC in January in a letter from Free Speech For People and the National Election Defense Coalition which detailed evidence […]

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RevThinking 090 | Nina Stanley – Neuromarketing | RevThink

“How can I as a marketer ignite the pathway – that I want – when somebody is reacting to my fill-in-the-blank?’” – Nina Stanley In this episode of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger sits down with CCO and Neuromarketing Officer Nina Stanley at MOD to explore the her journey of helming her creative agency. They also dive into the topics of neuromarketing and neuroresearch, as well as how COVID has given rise to new ways […]

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