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How To Optimize Brand Marketing For eCommerce

With the many lockdowns due to the covid-19 crisis eCommerce is booming. Anyone can start an online shop and dream about success. Unfortunately many will burn their wings and a lot of cash, before one becomes successful!  The first thing to do is to implement the Persuasion Formula. Branding has been an important part of every digital strategy since the Internet’s invention. But there is a difference between brand marketing for regular businesses and those […]

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6 Reasons Why to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

A recent report showed that 54 percent of consumers prefer to see branded video content from companies, 55 percent of video content consumers pay attention to the shared content (avoid skimming) and 82 percent of IP traffic is represented by video. If you are a marketer, video marketing isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Keep in mind that the decision maker in your brain is the primal brain and that its original communication channel […]

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Christmas with a conscience: How advertisers tackled the 2020 festive season – Marketing Week

Marketing … brands … conscience!  Yes I know, can sound dubious! But, let’s stay positive. I have advocated Ethical Persuasion (see https://www.happy-brains.com/webinarpst) so strongly that some start to get it.  During a festive season under lockdown, brands have had to strike a delicate balance between spreading joy and respecting the mood of the nation, with kindness emerging as the key Christmas trend. During a festive season under lockdown, brands have had to strike a delicate […]

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10 Marketing Movies that Entertain and Enlighten

Time to relax a bit for the week-end. In case your kids are away or you have some free time why not learn from some great stuff.  You will see that movies/documentaries can make extensive use of good marketing and teach you some stuff. I don’t know about you, but for me, those few minutes right before a movie starts are pure bliss. What’s not to love? You’ve got your snack situation just how you […]

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This marketing theory explains why Trump maintains a relentless ‘stranglehold’ on Republicans: conservative

There are a few areas where marketing is pushing the limits one is related to se.s and the other to politics (no direct link here 🙂 ). As readers of the “The Ethical Persuader – Get More!” book (here : https://www.happy-brains.com/epbook) know, emotions are a key element of the decision process. Not just one emotion but an emotional variation. Although President-elect Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes and is ahead of President Donald Trump by […]

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