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The three business black holes and how you can take advantage of these

[:en]You may not have been an astronaut or a space explorer in your life but you for sure have experienced the black holes existing in the business world. Not sure what I am talking about? Let me be more specific with some tangible examples (your brain loves tangible stuff). Have you ever experienced that strange moment when a person totally disappears, as if sucked into a black hole full of void? You know, that person […]

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How you can effortlessly adapt the Navy Seals advices to your wake-up routine

[:en]You may have seen these videos or messages about what makes a great leader. Most start with the fact that you should wake up early in the morning and get out, do some exercise. Either you don’t care about becoming a leader, a super successful one, or you are a normal human being and could never relate to these suggestions. First of all your brain will believe people who are like you, your brain needs to relate […]

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How to free yourself from the “False Innocence” Black Hole

[:en]THEM: You did wrong! You made a mistake! Your thoughts are crazy! Etc. YOU: Nope, it was his fault. No, it was the economy. No way, you just don’t have the right data. Etc. Sounds familiar? True, we all heard stuff like that and all reacted the same way. We need to prove that, at least at first, we haven’t done wrong. Much easier on our brain. Most of you, of us will keep doing […]

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How to escape the « Total Control » Black Hole

[:en]Ever experienced that moment of panic, of stress when things don’t go the way you want? Like when a client cancels an order or a lead tells you that he won’t be your contact any more as the company got restructured? Or when you are ready to leave on a great vacation, that you have scheduled a year ago and well organized, but one of your kids gets sick? And what about the hours of […]

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The day I got hit by a train

[:en]That day was yesterday. I was watching the Formula 1 2016 summary when that train hit me! It happened right at the moment Nico Rosberg said that he was stopping his career because he finally reached his life’s dream. Bang! The train hit me in my face! I started crying. Not because of Nico, no, but because of me. At that moment, I noticed that I do no more remember what my life’s dream is. […]

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