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The magic of a book launch

[ad_1] Today is launch day for my new book. Thanks to fast-clicking readers and alumni, it’s already a bestseller. You can check out some of the advance reviews. And the Financial Times picked it one of November’s books of the month. And 800CEOREAD just long listed it as one of the best marketing books of the year… Lots of cool surprises in this post, just for you and my other favorite blog readers… For the first time, […]

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The magnetic generosity of the network effect

[ad_1] If you share a pizza with a large crowd, no one will be very satisfied. But if you share an idea with a group, it creates cultural impact and becomes more valuable as it spreads, not less. Most of the time, we adopt the scarcity model of pizza. “I don’t have that much, and if I share it with you, I won’t have any left…” But in fact, the useful parts of our life […]

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Simply awake

[ad_1] Not groggy, not zoned out, not hyper, merely awake. Aware of what’s around us. Present. Seeing things clearly, hearing them as if for the first time. How often are we lucky enough to be awake? Mass media, social networks, marketers—they rarely help us become awake. They seek clicking, buying, fearful zombies instead. The people we seek to serve, those that we’re trying to reach–in the rare moments when they’re awake, are we wasting that […]

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