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Do you look like Authority?

One of the six rules of influence you can and should use in Ethical Persuasion is called “Authority” by R. Cialdini. Authority is very often confused with aggressiveness, lack of confidence, pushing people against their will etc… Nowadays there is this big trend saying that a manager isn’t a leader. In both cases authority is used but in a very different way. If one agrees that being a leader is way better than acting like […]

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100.000 years ago…

What happened 100.000 years ago in your decision process? In your client’s decision process? In your colleagues decision process? Nothing because you weren’t alive? Wrong! Don’t worry this isn’t about some esoteric reincarnation stuff. It’s just about your brain and their brains. How comes? Let’s make this simple and clear : the part of your brain making all the decisions – it has been scientifically demonstrated – hasn’t evolved and is still running the same […]

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10 Genius Habits That Will Save You Time!

Some good tips and tricks. Share with your friends! Learn more about Ethical Persuasion here : The most important skill you need to learn and use is Ethical Persuasion as this will help you to drive the decisions you want while they make the decisions they want. Grab your free ebooks here :

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