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The Top 5 Perks of Marketing Automation

By now, most business leaders and marketers fully understand the importance of having a marketing-automation software. However, that doesn’t mean all of us are actually using one.  Now, be careful as automation doesn’t men you should stop acting as a human being. On the contrary it requires from you way more humanity and even more […]

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5 Ways to Get Your Sales Strategy Back on Track

Rapid revenue growth requires a focused, disciplined, highly effective sales organization. But, too often, salespeople sabotage their own success with bad habits, costing organizations millions. Most use manipulation without even knowing it when in fact using Ethical Persuasion is so easy. You have to be human ! Learn more here : Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur […]

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The Sunday read

For this lovely Sunday of confinement I would suggest you take some time and read what has to be one of the most fundamental reads for each and every Sales, Marketing and Growth person, and this means entrepreneurs too! Once again, I am repeating this all the time, you know that the rational brain isn’t […]

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