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The worst pitfall for a male entrepreneur!

Nowadays it’s all about gender equality, gender respect, gender this and that! And I fully agree that women and men should have the same opportunities at having fun in life, at growing their knowledge, their career etc … Even though I have a lot of respect for women I’d like to focus on men! And, […]

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Just for us, the men!

YES! I know! Nowadays it’s all about the women and the equality and the parity and what ever other word our dearest politicians may invent to try to show us they care. But what about us, the men? What about us caring about the women, our women? What about us married/engaged male entrepreneurs experiencing what […]

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If you find the WHO you get the WHERE

WHO are your clients? How much about them do you know? As seen in a previous article or video you know that it’s important to work with the type of person you like. Which means, mainly, to know how they behave, how they connect/resonate with you. That’s a first step, but you are still miles […]

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