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Be Perfect, you are on LinkedIn!

Did you notice how important it is to show that everything is great when you show up on LinkedIn?

Everyone shares great stories, deep thoughts, new job titles and even some articles about the latest great idea or product.

Man! The world seems to be amazing!

This is BS!

On LinkedIn you can’t find a real entrepreneur, one who is still struggling to make money, to grow his business. An entrepreneur looking for partners, for financing.

On LinkedIn you can’t find a middle aged person who is wondering if what she/he is doing now makes sense, if this is really who she/he is!

On LinkedIn you won’t see an executive, a manager saying that he just can’t get his team to resonate with him, with her!

On LinkedIn you won’t see a CEO admitting that he lost herself, himself!

On LinkedIn you will only see people who are successful … no, let me correct this, people who show a fake person following the societal rules. Because most think that you only get business – let’s be candid, you are on LinkedIn to make business – if you seem to be perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, I did the same! I need, like anyone, to be acknowledged, but I used the wrong signals to get that. I thought great titles and great money will acknowledge me, show how great I am and get the” look at me, I am great! Wow Thomas, you are such a great guy! Look at all the money you make, and you even have a Ph.D.!”. When this has nothing to do with who I really am.

It took me 35 years (starting with 18, as a legal adult, to set a “conscious” thinking control starting point) to understand that my life as a chid and the various events in my family pushed me on the wrong path. And each time I got that financial/title acknowledgement something at the subconscious level pushed me away from it, because a title and money don’t give you a tribe you can lead.

35 years to understand that I need to be a tribe leader and a tribe builder and help others build great tribes.

And because of these 35 years to get the message I am starting again, from scratch but happy as I never, ever was. Because I took the time to understand what I am looking for and how to get there!

As a happy ethical tribe builder I’d like to help you to do the same.

But you have to start by being honest to yourself and stop acting as the perfect robot you have been taught to be.

Yes you can be true to yourself and to the others on LinkedIn! Being vulnerable is a human trait and you should not deny it!

Being human will bring you the contacts and connections you really need because others will resonate with you!

Do you really know who YOU are?

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