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Are you really Happy? IS your Brain really Happy?

Did you know that each time you try to sell something, get more budget, a vacation day or just a seat upgrade you use your persuasion skills.

These may be great or just lousy, but in any case you have to persuade another brain. And that specific brain is a human analysis super computer!

That brain is ready to make decisions if it likes the human standing in front of it! And if that human isn’t ready to resonate with it, it will kill the decision process.

Resonate? Never hear of that? Or not understanding what this has to do in our super modern, ultra connected world? This world of pure rationalisation?

Well bad news : no human brain runs rational decisions!

More bad news : the brain works only with humans it likes!

But the good news is that you are a great person!

Well, if you read this you are among the top great people because you know that you need to be happy! And are curious to see how you can get there or stay there.

The first step you have to take is to know what makes YOU happy. Is it work? Money? Family? Title?

Do you need to be acknowledged to be happy? Or do you need ressources? Or Both?

Here is a FREE swipe file you can get to simply analyse and see what drives your happiness!

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