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The Ethical Persuader - Get More!

How to ethically get people to say YES! Learn how to use actionable brain science to grow your business, your recurring clients and your reputation!

I am a married entrepreneur ... Get me out of here!

55% of married entrepreneurs get divorced because they can't avoid the 2 pitfalls. Use the latest brain science to succeed in your couple and your business.

Is there a brain in your couple?

Men and women aren't equals, they are complementary. Brain science will help you to stay happy in your couple and get more while being able to handle all hurdles of a couple life.

Don't accept an average version of yourself,

go for the great YOU

Dr. Thomas Trautmann

They say

Carole. H.


I was lucky to attend Attention-London conference by emarketer to meet one of the best featured speakers Dr Thomas Trautmann.
Through his awesome presentation, and his charismatic presence on stage, Thomas perfectly connected with the audience, captured their attention and convinced them to apply this scientifically proven approach in sales and marketing.

Andy. V.

Event Manager

I recently had the pleasure of working with Thomas. He was the keynote speaker at a large scale event that I was producing. I found Thomas to be professional throughout. His knowledge on the topics which he was speaking about was vast and his passion for the subject matter was infectious. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and I would certainly recommend Thomas in this capacity.

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The Ethical Persuader - Get More!


How to ethically get them to say YES

Brain science made actionable to help you drive the decisions you want to get more!

I am a married entrepreneur ... Get me out of here!


Ho to be happy and successful 

Married entrepreneurs have to face two pitfalls : communication with their wife and finances. Brain science is the solution to get more!

Is there a brain in your couple


How to enjoy your couple life

When you know how your partner's brain works you can use this knowledge to be happy in your couple and ... get more!

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