100.000 years ago… – Happy Brains

100.000 years ago…

What happened 100.000 years ago in your decision process? In your client’s decision process? In your colleagues decision process?

Nothing because you weren’t alive? Wrong!

Don’t worry this isn’t about some esoteric reincarnation stuff. It’s just about your brain and their brains.

How comes? Let’s make this simple and clear : the part of your brain making all the decisions – it has been scientifically demonstrated – hasn’t evolved and is still running the same processes as your ancestors thousands of years back.

Of course now your homo-sapiens-sapiens brain is saying “what a crap, I am the most brilliant and smartest thing existing on earth!”

The rational part of your brain isn’t wrong, it’s very bright! It has adapted the world to the human species while prior to its existence our far far away ancestors adapted to the world. Proof that we are super duper smart.

Not when it comes to making decisions.

Every decision made by any human being is made by the primal brain

Not so smart, but fast, survival focused and … super self-centred.

Stop thinking you are making decisions based on others, to help them blahblahblah! That B.S (in capitals)!

Every decision made by a human brain is focused on that brain. If it happens that it can help others so be it, good job.

Enough depressing news for today. More in another post later.

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