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Failure is good for you!

[:en]In a world where we all run after and expect success (personal, business, sport…) talking about failure isn’t politically correct. Well, it brings contrast, it brings emotion! And the brain likes it! I was thinking about failure while in Barcelona in front of Christof Columbus’ statue. Talk about a failure! That guy wanted to go […]

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Are you guilty of procrastination?

[:en]Yes I am! Aren’t we all? I am writing this article looking at a huge pile of documents I should get into the right binders. That pile is moving around my office for weeks now. Sorting papers. Definitely not a complex task. But first here is the merriam-webster.com definition about procrastination: “to be slow or […]

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Are you wasting time? Really?

[:en]You will all agree that nowadays we are all in a rush, running after time, hyper connected in order to save as much time as possible, always stressed and making sure people around us know it, especially the ones wasting our precious time. But, are we really wasting time? That feeling of time waste comes, […]

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Will you take a summer job after 40?

[:en]How far are you ready to go to protect your loved ones? This is a question I had to ask myself not so far away in time when business wasn’t so good and the money tap was getting dry. Our over self-inflated ego has a natural tendency to see ourselves as over achievers, super successful […]

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