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Who do you dream to work with?

That may sound as a strange question as most of the time one goes for a company, a job description or even a manager. But rarely do people think about who they dream to work with. Of course, when you join a company you don’t really have the choice as the team is often already […]

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Marketing and Sales: What is the difference?

Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of a businessís survival in the market. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake. Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through […]

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The Sales Solution: E=mc2

Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity. Every school kid knows his famous equation E=mc2. This brilliant physicist was also widely quoted on a variety of topics. While not recognized at all as a salesperson, Mr. Einstein was always promoting ideas and concepts, attempting to gain acceptance for them from a sceptical […]

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Generate Word of Mouth in Six Steps

Let me ask you a simple question – do you want your customers to say positive things about your business to other people? I bet you do, because as we all know “word of mouth” is one of the most effective and low cost ways to find new customers. And the most effective way to […]

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