The $50,000 an hour gate agent

Conventional CEO wisdom is that top management is worth a fortune because of the high-leverage decisions they make. But consider the work of Wade, an unheralded Air Canada gate agent. Yesterday, I watched him earn his employer at least $50,000 while getting paid perhaps .1% of that. The microphone was out of order, but instead […]

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Portion control

That’s the two-part secret of smart eating–you don’t have to eat everything on your plate, and if you’ve got trouble with that, put less on the plate to begin with. But the same rules apply in our daily lives. If a meeting is scheduled for an hour, you’re allowed to leave after ten minutes if […]

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“I wish I had more data”

Really? More data is usually available. It takes time or money, but you can get more data. But you’re probably not using all the data you’ve already got. I’m guessing what you meant was, “I wish I had more certainty.” And that, unfortunately, isn’t available. If it’s worth the work you put into it and […]

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