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Widest common denominator

[ad_1] If you’re creating something where widespread inputs, usage and adoption lead to significant benefits, it’s worth considering who you’re excluding. The curb cut turned out not simply to be a boon for wheelchair users. At low cost, it opened the sidewalk to a significantly larger audience of strollers, delivery people and skateboarders, too. Often, […]

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Just Act | Liran Zhang | TEDxYouth@TongAnRoad

Here is some great content from TEDx.  Enjoy and share with your friends! Learning great skills and sharing them is the key to your success and to ethical persuasion. Learn more about Ethical Persuasion in this free webinar : You can also get free ebooks about persuasion here :

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Be Perfect, you are on LinkedIn!

Did you notice how important it is to show that everything is great when you show up on LinkedIn? Everyone shares great stories, deep thoughts, new job titles and even some articles about the latest great idea or product. Man! The world seems to be amazing! This is BS! On LinkedIn you can’t find a […]

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6 Proven Ways to INSTANTLY Look Better!

Some good tips and tricks. Share with your friends! Learn more about Ethical Persuasion here : The most important skill you need to learn and use is Ethical Persuasion as this will help you to drive the decisions you want while they make the decisions they want. Grab your free ebooks here :

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