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Find a philosopher | Mikhail Bukhtoyarov | TEDxSibFU

Here is some great content from TEDx.  Enjoy and share with your friends! Learning great skills and sharing them is the key to your success and to ethical persuasion. Learn more about Ethical Persuasion in this free webinar : You can also get free ebooks about persuasion here :

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From prison cell to grafitti mansion with Armani

Here is a new video from the Wolf of Wall Street. He uses persuasion in an interesting way. You can learn more here : Persuasion only works if you use Ethical Persuasion. And it all starts with knowing perfectly who makes the decisions!  Get your free swipe file to find your clients, who will […]

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Why your Facebook ads don’t work

Why aren’t your Facebook ads working? What would you do differently if time and money wasn’t an issue? :Would you quit your job :Where would you live :Where would you travel The world is changinging Retail stores are closing (Macy’s,Sears,Kmart and toys are us) But the internet is booming. Amazon just became a 22 million […]

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