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A fully updated FREE guide to answer 40 of your most frequent questions:
  • What is Persuasion? To be the most persuasive YOU have to understand what persuasion is all about based on the latest brain science.
  • What drives persuasion? The objective of any persuasion is to get the decision you want. Learn how the brain makes decisions and use that to your advantage.
  • B2B Persuasion. Most people think that persuasion runs on a 1:1 basis. Learn how to use Persuasion in the complex B2B world. 
  • BCB Persuasion. Your Persuasion skills will help you in any situation and make you the one they want to get more from.
  • Your Daily Persuasion. Learn the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques you can use daily at any time.

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About the Author: Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Former Neuromarketing Instructor by SalesBrain, more than 25 years of Marketing and Sales experience, founded 4 companies (and yes, didn't succeed each time), wrote my Ph.D thesis on the Artificial Neural Networks topic and just love people and their brains. This is why I created both the Neuro Couple and the Persuasion Strategies and Techniques concepts.

What drives me? Your smile! Because you learned something that made you grow, that helped you enjoy success, that supported your Professional Persuasion, your Personal Persuasion, your Perfect Persuasion.

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Do you have questions about Persuasion?

Don't worry you aren't the only one! Is it ethical? Does it require time and practice? Is it rational or not? Can you drive decisions? And many more questions get answered in this FREE guide!

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